What is the engine W engine?


Did you know?

W-type engines, W-type engine is the exclusive Volkswagen engine technology. Each side of the cylinder V-type engine then shifted small angle, it would be W-type engine. Or W-type arrangement form a cylinder of the engine is small V-shaped arrangement of the two V-shaped press.



Many people think like V-type engine V-shaped cylinder arrangement as W type arrangement form a cylinder of the engine must also be W-shaped, it is not true, it is only approximately W-shaped arrangement, also should belong strictly V-type engine, a variant is at least V-type engine.




and the crankshaft of the engine is shorter, compact structure, suitable in the car with a large displacement.


structural complexity, high manufacturing and maintenance costs.


What models?

over the currently used number of engine cylinders W are: W8, W12, W16 and even W18. Only Passat W8 W8 engine that was used in the displacement of 4 liters, a maximum power of 270 hp / 6000rpm, equipped Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive and a standard six-speed transmission. Volkswagen W12 engine cars have a flagship model Phaeton Volkswagen, Bentley and Audi flagship model A8 6.0 production car. Further public W12 is also installed with this concept car engine. W12 engine capacity of 6 liters, a maximum power of 420 horsepower / 6000rpm. Volkswagen W16 engine was introduced at the North American Auto Show concept car Bugatti EB16-4Veyron, assembling one kind W16 cylinder engine, the displacement of 8 liters, bore and stroke are 86mm, 64 valves, maximum power of 1001 hp / 6000rpm.

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