What is the life of a household car? To see these three, durability is very good

What is the final life of a single life? This is actually the case, if it is in accordance with the life of the service, it will be used in accordance with the maintenance list, then you can use it for a long time, just like those operating vehicles, every day, in addition to the driver home to rest 10 hours, other time Is running on the road, the number of single-day driving is definitely several times the ordinary household car, and one year of 100,000 kilometers is basically a regular operation. So we can see that taxis is generally a few hundred thousand kilometers of performance mileage.

Secondly, the policy is affected. Before 2013, it is specified in the use of household vehicles for 15 years. It is going to scrap, even the original vehicle condition. , The peak state, fly to the oil, and will also be canceled. Later, this policy was canceled, changed to no restrictions, as long as you like, this car can be opened.

However, although this is said, it is necessary to face two inspections for more than 15 years. If the emissions are not up to the standard, the old car is more powerful, and the emissions can only be cleaned and exhausted. Replace the three yuan, here is a small fee. Obviously, although it is not compulsory to scrap, it is more stringent in additional conditions. Many consumers will sell the car before this.

The last is the problem of consumers, people are animals like new and old, see that the new car screen on the auto show is so big, the power is so strong Let’s take a look at the driver for many years, as long as there is money in the pocket, it is difficult to don’t move. Even if you think about the old, a car is more than 5 years, how to say that there will be tired of emotions.

Therefore, there are many factors that determine the service life of a vehicle, but then two kinds of we are difficult to interfere as and change, and the first The stability of the ram is that we can decide. Today, I will recommend a few models of durability.

Toyota Carolla

It is difficult to mention Toyota, after all The rivers and lakes say “100,000 kilometers of milling”. ” However, Toyota is indeed in this regard. The US JD.Power Customer Satisfaction Survey report shows that the first place is Toyota’s high-end brand Lexus, and the fourth place is Toyota. A enterprise two brands enter the top 5, and the strength is obvious.

Carolla can be said to be a Japanese household car benchmark for 10-15 million prices. It has always had a very good reputation for more than ten years. Performance, it is a choice that people buy cars are impossible to go around. The latest Corolla is based on the latest TNGA architecture, all-system assisted security systems, 7 airbags, and safe configuration far superior to price competitions. Moreover, the suspension is replaced from the previous generation of torsion beams to a full independent suspension, which has a significant increase in the vibration processing of bumps, maximizing the comfort experience of passengers in the vehicle.

Dynamic aspect provides 1.2T, 1.5L three cylinders and 1.8L hybrid, except for the 1.5L three-cylinder version stability. It takes time to verify that other two sets of assemblies have been used for many years, although there is not much advanced technology, but in terms of stability is definitely guaranteed.

No. 2: Kia K3

I believe that many friends will feel doubts, why do you come? Go to the recommended position? The reason is not only because it is ranked third in the report, but also is very good in domestic quality stability. Many taxis in China use the Korean car, durability and maintenance costs. Otherwise, it will not be picked out when a taxi.

Kia K3 is a model that is very suitable for home, although the level is like Carolla, but the price is much lower. The appearance is stylish, and it is still very good to put this level. In-vehicle workmanship is a highlight, the soft material coverage is very high, the texture is good, and the at least be better than the Japanese car.

Dynamic aspect provides a combination of 1.5L + CVT and 1.4T + 7 speed double clutch, and the individual is more inclined, although the power will be slightly weak. However, but stability and future conservation costs are more advantageous.

NO.3: Honda Accord

After the allegation, they became three days. The best in the swordsman sold the best, the monthly sales have been maintained in the top 10 of the list. In addition to the product catering the needs of the country, the word of mouth has played an important role in many years, and the excellent reliability, Accord can be recognized and reasonable.


There are many factors that determine the life of a household car, including the car itself, policy impact, and owners. idea. However, with the increase in per capita income, the price is getting cheaper. Nowadays, few people will open their car for many years, and more service life is more than a reference.

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