What is the maximum engine power speed?


What is?

refers to the maximum power speed of the engine maximum power output, corresponding to the rotational speed.


You know what?

with the power output of the engine speed relationship great as the speed increases, the power of the engine is correspondingly increased, but to a certain speed after power but declined. Thus, corresponding to the engine maximum power speed at maximum power speed referred to. General instructions for use in the car speed units with r / min expressed as maximum power 100Ps / 5000r / min, i.e., at 5000 revolutions per minute maximum output 100Ps.


To develop

When the rotational speed of the engine passenger car or truck is higher than the maximum power, in order to adapt its high-speed travel needs. Usually the maximum power speed models are about 5000-8000 r / min, the maximum engine power be lower, probably between 3000-5000 r / min.

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