What is the maximum engine power?


What is?

reflects the maximum speed of the maximum power is often used to describe the vehicle dynamic performance.



The maximum power level depending on the size of the engine cylinder displacement and combustion fuel quantity and engine speed. Power value is always combined with sub-engine speed, indicating the speed of the power emitted. The actual effective power is always less than the predetermined digital value, because the engine is driven by the internal friction losses and loss of some other power machines.

Relationship with great speed the output power of the engine as the speed increases, the power of the engine is correspondingly increased, but to a certain speed after power but declined. General instructions for use in the car with the maximum output power to represent the revolutions per minute (r / min), as 100ps / 5000r / min, i.e., at 5000 revolutions per minute maximum output power of 100 hp. Meanwhile, when the corresponding engine maximum power speed, the maximum engine speed is substantially. Speed ​​at maximum engine power of cars or buses than trucks, in order to accommodate the needs of its high speed.


How to increase the maximum power

The first is to increase the intake air amount, is smooth and expand into the exhaust gas passage cross-section to increase the engine valve, to enhanceCompression ratio changing time of opening and closing the steam valve; debugging techniques may be followed by intake and exhaust systems, and even replace the compressor system.

all of which are intended to cause the engine speed to improve the overall level of the measure will increase the power, it is necessary to use advanced materials, the weight of the movable member, while improving the machining accuracy, so that it can withstand a greater load. But also a more robust valve springs, and even non-contact ignition system. After this series of transformation, production engine power is likely to increase more than doubled.

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