What is the maximum engine torque?


What is?

in the expression in people’s daily, often referred to as the torsion torque. That car is the maximum attainable torque.


what’s the use?

the greater the torque, the larger the engine output, “fresh”, the faster the speed change, the climbing ability of the car, the speed and start acceleration is also possible. The torque unit is Newton # 8226; meters (Nm) or kilograms # 8226; m (Kgm).


misunderstanding what is?

the torque changes with the engine rotational speed varies, the rotational speed is too high or too low, the torque is not maximum, only when a rotational speed within a speed range or the maximum torque only, this interval is analysis indicated the maximum torque when the rotational speed or speed range. Generally appear in the maximum torque, the low speed range of the engine, as the speed increases, but decreases torque.


Further reading

is the torqueAn object generating rotational force. The torque of the engine refers to an engine output torque from the crankshaft end. It is inversely proportional relationship with the engine speed, the faster the speed the smaller the torque in the fixed condition of the power, the greater the contrary, it reflects the car load capacity within a certain range. In some cases the car can really reflect the “nature”, such as when starting or when traveling mountain, the higher the torque reaction of the car will run better. Compared with the same type of motor car, the greater the output torque greater carrying capacity, better acceleration, climbing force stronger level, frequency shift the less wear and tear on an automobile will be relatively reduced. Especially when the car starts zero speed, but also shows a high torque by lifting fast advantages.

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