What is the number of transmission gears?


Did you know?

The number of gear generally refers to the number of forward gear stages of the gear type transmission. The more the number of gear, vehicles adaptability to different driving conditions, the better, can reduce fuel consumption. Today, the number of gears in the transmission are substantially 4-8. In the gear transmission, a number called the low range of gears, a large number of known high-speed gear.



power of the engine crankshaft output from, the clutch after the direct input to the input terminal of the transmission. At this high speed car, and less torque, can not directly drive the wheels, it must go through a series of lower speed, while increasing the torque to push the wheel forward. The number of gears is larger dynamic performance right. The large number of gears, can make the first speed has a large transmission ratio, so that a high torque can be output when a block off.


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There overdrive transmission on a said, the so-called overdrive, whose output shaft is the rotational speed is higher than the speed of the input shaft. It is mainly used to have a certain power reserve of the car at high speed on a good road, which can reduce engine speed to reduce fuel consumption, reduce engine noise and wear. There is a further O / D switch knob control lever below the control knob, when this switch is automatically used in the D-rangeOverdrive gear; When this switch is off, on the dashboard O / D off lights, when the D range only up to the third speed. Three action limiting gear, “1”, “2”, “D + O / D-off (corresponding to the third speed limit)” having an automatic transmission shift function limits, engine speed to achieve the object of continuous improvement conducive to engine power and torque output, which is called “limit stop.”

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