What is the partial conversion ignition car?


What is?

modified by using a computer, in closing the throttle while reducing the ignition advance angle, so that it should enter the exhaust gas mixture in the header of the combustion chamber, the exhaust blast through the header before the turbine , thus promoting the turbine, the turbine to maintain a certain speed, and have a “touch touch …… ……” explosion.



significantly reduce the turbo lag, to maintain constant turbine speed at the time of closing the throttle enhance vehicle re-acceleration performance.



biasing the ignition system is originated in WRC, in order to reduce the turbo lag, and enhance the re-acceleration of the cornering vehicle deceleration. Generally used for running of the vehicle, when the vehicle is stationary refueling place, biasing the ignition system does not work in order to protect the turbine engine and other components, but some high-end computer can also be modified to achieve this function, such as for linear acceleration the car, in order to obtain maximum power output at the start, will enable the ignition system when refueling the vehicle is stationary bias to the turbine into operation quickly.

Since the mixed gas is part of an explosion in the exhaust section of the turbine in front of the head, so that a very large load on the engine exhaust valves, and a turbine exhaust header will seriously affect their life. If the ignition advance angle improperly adjusted, willResulting in decreased engine power, or even damage to associated components.

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