What is the rear seats down way?

scale down rear seat

refers to scale down rear seat backrest of the rear seat can be scaled down compared to the entire rear seat discharge down, down proportionately higher flexibility, only half of the backrest can recline to place bulky items, but not brought down part of the people can sit still.

common rear seat recline ratio: 1 / 3,2 / 3,1 / 2 ratio down to the ground.

1/3: 2/3 scale down: three generally appear in the rear seats, two seats can be brought down side, the other side may be a seat recline.

1/2 scale down: generally appear in the two rear seats can recline in a two seats.

integral rear seats recline

refers to recline the entire rear seat backrest of the rear seat as a whole, when the pull large objects need to be more when a large space, the rear seat back can be tipped, to get more space. The disadvantage is that the rear seats recline a whole when the rear seats down, the rear seat can not people.

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