What is the refrigerator / air conditioning car air purifier?


What is?

for purifying the air inside PM2.5, toxic and harmful gas, odor air purification equipment.


You know what?

· car air cleaner works with the interior air quality control system.

· usually installed in the center console box, trunk or integrated in the air conditioning system.

· formula car air purifier filter cartridge needs to be replaced periodically.



Anion car air purification

the main principle is the use of electrostatic discharge of negative ions, adsorption of dust concentration in the air, dust and thus play a role. Meanwhile, negative ions of oxygen in the air is also ionized ozone into effect, certain bacteria killing effect. The advantage is that may be actively adsorbed dust.

type vehicle-mounted air purifier filter

Filter type vehicle-mounted air purifier only passive inhalation of air purification, due to limitations of power, there is not enough wind Therefore gauze typeCar air purifier purification capacity is also limited, limited purification effect, and the need to replace the filter regularly.

car air purifier ozone

to purify the air inside the vehicle by generating ozone. Ozone bacteria have a certain effect, but the use of this type of vehicle-mounted air purifier, to be noted that the concentration of ozone within the vehicle cabin. When the ozone concentration is too high, it will produce secondary pollution, harm to human health.

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