What is the refrigerator / air conditioning inside the vehicle pollen filter?


what’s the use?

filtered out from the air outlet and the air entering the pollen grains harmful car, clean and provide a comfortable environment for the occupants of the vehicle.


[ 123] advantages:

· pollen allergen filter can be reduced into the car, help allergies, pollen allergies reduced chance.

* can reduce exhaust particles and harmful gases into the interior.


You know what?

pollen filter and air purifying function is integrated in an air conditioning system, it can purify the air entering the vehicle through the air conditioning system.

4 [ 123] technical principle:

pollen filter is achieved by the air filter, which can filter tiny particles, thereby reducing the chance of allergic original into the car, reducing your discomfort thus produced.

When the sensor detects a hazardous gas, air conditioning duct, and closed automatically switched to the circulation, reduce human discomfort due to inhalation of these gases.

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