What is the refrigerator / air-conditioning manual air-conditioning?


what’s the use?

a rough classification of adjustment of the air volume, temperature manually. Offer the passenger a comfortable driving environment, reducing operator fatigue and improve traffic safety.


Did you know?

· usually manual air conditioning mode dial knob or the function keys on the air volume, wind direction, temperature can be adjusted, simple operation. · Unable to set a specific temperature, requiring the driver to adjust itself by sensible temperature. • Can not set the same temperature as the air conditioning automatically switches on their own, somewhat less economical. · You can not partition temperature regulation, can only adjust the interior temperature uniform.



Temperature is adjusted by manual air conditioning mode mixing cold or warm wind in the air intake passage, all the air through the evaporator, with a damper to control the amount of air passing through the heater core, the air passing through the heater core and the air are formed at different temperatures from the air outlet blown air mixture to achieve temperature control of the heater failed. A temperature regulating knob or lever for changing the position of the damper in the air-conditioning control panel.

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