What is the security configuration active braking?


what’s the use?

emergency situations, active braking can let automatic braking deceleration of the vehicle (not necessarily complete brake stop) to improve traffic safety.

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· rear reduce accidents, improve traffic safety. In extreme cases

mountain-like, active braking system may be shut down manually.

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Since the information collected from sensors front, in extreme cases, may result in erroneous recognition or closed automatically. So do not place undue reliance on auxiliary functions, to concentrate on driving.


You know what?

are different models of the brand name and the active brake system functions. CMBS such as active braking system equipped with the Acura MDX, applied only in case of emergency in force on the brake system must not be able to stop the car immediately and completely brakes, Volvo’s City Safety can entirely brake to stop the vehicle at 30 kilometers per hour .



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starts automatically when the vehicle speed reaches a certain speed, the traffic condition is determined by the lidar front windshield, when an obstacle or vehicle in front brakes, the system will automatically urged in the braking system to help drivers members shorten the braking distance before making the action.


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many manufacturers are now in the study of “pre-crash safety system.” The system is a general principle by sensors to monitor vehicle status, automatic response measures to reduce the risk at the moment immediately before the collision. Pre-Crash Safety system is not a stand-alone device, but rather a collection of numerous active and passive safety systems. If necessary, active braking, ESP and tightens the seat belt will be integrated in. It sounds like active safety systems, it is not true, because if the pre-crash safety system is activated in normal driving, meaning in most casesIt means that the collision has been inevitable.

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