What is the security configuration burglar alarm?


What is? When

In the antitheft device is mounted inside the car door when the alarm is received abnormal opening, closing or abnormal vibration of the vehicle body, the alarm will alert the owner.


You know what?

· burglar alarm will turn off after the vehicle starts automatically lock up.

after the

– anti-theft alarm warning lamp will start flashing, generally located on the front window, below the windshield or the dashboard.

· alarm that sounds not only remind owners can also play a role only scare thieves to steal.



is too high alarm sensitivity or too low, such as firecrackers or thunderstorms will be judged alert to unusual circumstances. So that owners mistakenly think that the vehicle is stolen. Frequent alarm will also cause some noise pollution. The sensitivity is too low, when the vehicle is stolen can not trigger the alarm properly.

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