What is the security configuration interfaces child seat?


What is?

fixed child safety seat interface, common are: LATCH interfaces, interfaces, and the ISOFIX belt anchorages three.


ISOFIX Interface

ISOFIX full name (InternationalStandardsOrganizationFIX) child safety seat system is developed and implemented for children in Europe in 1990 the seat criteria. Because it is to develop a European standard ISOFIX, so most European models have ISOFIX child safety seat system as standard equipment; domestic and European joint venture brand models in Europe are ISOFIX child safety seat system fixed interfaces marked. ISOFIX card interface has two fixed points, installation is simple, but not compatible child seat LATCH interface.


LATCH interfaces

LATCH full name (LowerAnchorsandTethersforChildren), United States, 2002 September 1 onwards require all models equipped with LATCH child safety seat interface, so most American cars are LATCH configuration interface. LATCH embodiment using three fixed points, firmer, child seat ISOFIX compatible interface. Wherein the interface will rear headrestsThere are signs of a hook.


fixing belt

is actually a belt anchor is fixed by way of the vehicle’s own belt interface, it has a very good compatibility, can be used with different types of child seat or a different standard models. And it can support the positive direction of the fixed child seat (the child seat faces the front seat), in the opposite direction may be fixed supports (child car seat facing the rear seat) in two forms, but firm poor, less secure.

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