What is the Security Configuration night-vision system?


what’s the use?

at night or under low light environment, improve driving safety. You can find outside the pedestrian light, and other dangerous obstacles by display to make a deal.



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· do not affect the high beam has been open to and on the front of the vehicle, this system can assist understand the enormity of the situation.

· car will be, if the light is too bright glare of the vehicle can be assisted through the night vision system that you see in front of circumstances.

· driving fog discrimination capability is also strong, the system may be monitored by infrared front case to avoid potential danger ahead.



· encountered rain and snow or muddy roads, the probe easily stained with dirt, the image on the screen affected.

· This system is currently only equipped luxury car or on the part of top models.

· maintenance and higher costs.



· Night Vision system can not completely replace the lights and the human eye, but an auxiliary device.

· imaged on the display screen is not clear, but by way of capturing thermal radiation member, so that the contrast of image projection, more eye-catching display of obstacles.

· If the car will be launched on the vehicle active night vision system, may affect another image on the display.


Did you know?

· night vision system and camera sensors typically integrated at the front windshield and a position, if the collision occurs may cause damage.


Technical Overview: [ 123]

It is mainly used automotive night vision system is a thermal imaging technology, also known as infrared imaging. The principle is: any object will emit heat, different temperature objects emit heat. Humans, animals and vehicles heat dissipation compared with the surrounding environment to be more. Night Vision will be able to collect this information, and then converted into a visual image, originally put at night see objects clearly presented in front increase the safety of driving at night.


Technical principle:

in accordance with the imaging principle, infrared night vision system is divided into passive and active infrared night vision system, infrared night vision system.

After the passive infrared night vision systems using thermal imaging cameras accept different infrared radiation (far infrared) human, animal and other hot objects emit different mapping image, amplifying and processing output to the display device. Pedestrians hot objects particularly prominent in the image, high image contrast, but the detailed road information as lane markings and the boundary, since the “non-living” cold objectives undetectable. Furthermore, the front windshield of the car can not transmit long-wave far-infrared camera must be mounted outside the vehicle, require frequent cleaning, and vulnerable to damage when the car front end collision.

active infrared night vision system uses near-infrared irradiation target active, a CCD or CMOS infrared detector receiving infrared light emitted from the infrared light reflected from the target, the output on the display device by the computer processing, image clarity, Nature, can display detailed information of the road (e.g., a pedestrian, a vehicle, the lane marking, traffic signals, and the like scattered on the road object), without heat objects can be clearly seen.



[ 123]


night vision system

applications such as automotive night vision system wide before because the price is too high, mainly militaryBusiness purposes, such as tanks and armored transport vehicles, a radar vehicle and so on. In recent years, with advances in technology, the price is getting lower and lower. Automotive night vision system is an example of a typical product of the civilian conversion of military equipment.

in the 1950s, in order to improve the mobility of tanks at night, the night vision equipment and instruments have the ability to be installed on the tank, allowing the tank freely in night operations. In the 21st century, the world all the major car companies have put high-end night vision equipment installed on the car the car, in order at night and adverse weather conditions, to ensure that the driver, passengers and third-party security already installed automotive night vision system. In June 1999 and in Shanghai International Auto Show, held in Beijing in June 2000, the United States, Cadillac has the first car night vision systems to the Chinese automotive market.

At present the country has imported vehicle brand cars equipped with night vision, practice shows that a vehicle equipped with night vision for drivers, passengers and third-party safety factor significantly increased the car night vision systems safety concept is the development trend of automobile industry.

car night vision systems classification

According to purpose: civilian, police and military applications.

in accordance with the Directory: near-infrared, i.e. CCD technology, technology LLL (TTI LLL amplification), and far-infrared technology (TIS thermal imaging).

Technical features: CCD technology is mature, and good bulk. But sensitivity is not high, it can only apply to ordinary civilian market. TTI dim light amplification technology products is still the mainstream military. Infrared thermal imaging technology products TIS prominent feature, it can penetrate the fog was observed.

Price Features: use CCD technology, automotive night vision system, the lowest price, low-light amplification technology has been used for nearly 50 years, but due to the fundamental theory does not break, and the life of the issue is not resolved, so the price is not low. Infrared thermal imaging technology to mature, is still in the development stage, a lot of work needs to be done in terms of clarity and sensitivity, global markets are a handful of manufacturers monopoly, so the price is very high. Civilian products are basically CCD, such as Mercedes-Benz.

soService life: CCD longest life, up to 10,000 hours, the shortest life LLL night vision pipe, only 3000 hours. Thermal imaging tube in about 8000 hours.

domestic automotive night-vision systems market

2005 car ownership in China has more than 65 million. Car ownership among urban households has more than 15 million. In the next ten years, with the rapid growth of car ownership, related services market will be unprecedented prosperity and growth.

At present, the automotive products market is growing rapidly, a lot of new technology, especially electronic technology is widely used in automotive products, electronic products in the vehicle cost by 10 percent in the early eighties to improve gradually now about 30 percent. In some developed countries and regions in Europe, America car, and the driver, passenger and third-party security came in the first place, in order at night and adverse weather conditions, to ensure that the driver, passengers and third-party security already installed automotive night vision system.

automotive night vision system will greatly improve the safety of motorists, passengers and third parties. As an active safety equipment automotive night vision system system, the latest developments and breakthroughs in science and technology will be applied to products, reflecting the automobile industry of science and technology to people-centered concept, and respect for the driver, passenger and third-party service the spirit of.

in June 1999 and in Shanghai International Auto Show, held in Beijing in June 2000, the United States, Cadillac has the first car night vision systems to the Chinese automotive market. Now, the car some developed countries and regions, in order at night and adverse weather conditions to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and third parties on many vehicles have a car night vision systems installed. Such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and so on.

US “Time” magazine announced the 2006 top ten most stylish high-tech products. —- Mercedes-Benz S550 Night Vision. The new Mercedes – Benz S550 (Mercedes-BenzS550) has been equipped with night vision in the true sense. Its “night observation assistant” can be observed by one into a black far infrared headlight and the cockpit 150 meters installedA liquid crystal display constituting the white image. Even in the dark of night, the driver can clearly see the road in front of the situation.

automotive night vision system system, is developed for the various types of vehicle development. Through extensive survey of enterprises, institutions, long-distance passenger and cargo transport and private cars, automotive night vision system by the majority leaders of the unit and the driver’s attention and recognition. Especially in defense, security, public security, traffic, news coverage and some special industries are particularly concerned about the technology.

As China’s vast geography, the weather situation is complex, often suffer from certain provinces or fog, or rain, or snow weather conditions in the invasion of the year, motorists plagued by adverse weather conditions, car owners of units and therefore suffer huge economic losses.

At present, the system has been popular, practice has shown that vehicles equipped with night vision safety factor for the driver, passengers and third parties significantly increased, automotive night vision systems in the automotive industry security concept development trend.

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