What is the security configuration pedestrian airbags?


what’s the use?

pedestrian airbag and airbag work the same way as the traditional difference is that the air bag can protect pedestrians outside of the vehicle, to provide protection for the life of pedestrians.


You know what?

using two pedestrian airbag may be an airbag for pedestrian protection in a collision, is a hood airbag, the airbag is further both can be effectively used in conjunction with low impact to avoid injury caused when the body of the car.



pedestrian safety airbag can only improve the protection of pedestrians in a certain extent, it does not guarantee that the pedestrian does not hurt.



pedestrian airbag is detected by airbag sensor after a pedestrian collision with the bumper initial trigger, turn the hood in a pedestrian roller forwardly during this time window, the airbag completes its inflation, the airbag cover not only the front windshield glass bottom cover may swing the wiper deadly “hard point” of the engine shaft like a cover mount.


Further reading:

ASADB active pedestrian safety prior to balloon away from the vehicle when the obstacle 3 meters, the pop-up active airbags in the front body, rear frame formed inflatable rubber bladder, for pedestrians, both vehicle occupants, the driver, the vehicle, and the rear of the vehicle can play object energy absorbing effect, ASADB active pedestrian airbag low cost, can be used repeatedly.

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