What is the security configuration remote keyless entry?


what’s the use?

eliminates the tedious process of key-car door, within a certain range, pressing a button on the key, the door can fall unlocking. Fob can also open the trunk in the car, the tank filler cap, close the windows and lock when the vehicle outer rear view recovery environment.



fob failure in most cases is due to internal battery no electricity, replaced.



faint radio waves from the key fob, the car antenna receives the radio signal, the identification signal of the electronic controller ECU codes, start / re-locking operation performed by the actuator of the system (motor or an electromagnetic coil manager). The system is mainly composed of two portions of the transmitter and receiver.



· fob may set more useful functions, such as lifting window, light switch, evenTo remote start the vehicle, open the car air-conditioning and heated seats.

· fob different shape, a common type, projectile type, a card type.

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