What is the security configuration seat belts are not prompted?


what’s the use?


with a beep or blinking traffic lights, etc., to remind people to wear seat belts driving, not wearing a seatbelt to avoid causing significant bodily injury time of the accident.


You know what?

· seat belt during a collision can be firmly fixed on the body of the passenger seat, can significantly reduce the damage caused by the collision to the occupants or even save their lives, please be sure your vehicle when driving system seat belts.

· Some vehicle seat belt reminder system is not sound manner, and the sound emitted would be more annoying, is divided into progressive small to large volume alerts, as well as the volume constant reminder of the way, at the same time the instrument seat belt indicator light will blink in unison or long reminders, only one purpose, to remind you to fasten your seat belt.

· most vehicles rear and no seat belt reminder.



· Auto City and other places the sale of the seat belt buckle is not a good thing. In case of collision, the consequences could be disastrous, but please fasten your seat belt when driving a vehicle.

· seat belt reminder of annoying beeps would not have been ringing off the hook, generally automatically stopped after a period of time, but the indicatorStill do reminder. Different brands usually stops ranging from 90-180 seconds sound reminder time.



in the seat and safety and a slot equipped with sensors, when sensors identify the art, but the belt travel sensor slot seat belt buckle is not recognized, there is considered unbelted person, will remind the vehicle.

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