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What is the skylight?

so that the translucent vehicle, ventilation. Reduce the head space of oppression. You can relieve feelings looking at the sky from the car when relaxed.

1. Sunroof Mistakes

– during normal driving within the city, have not bend sunroof driving cause excessive resistance.

· different models of skylights open in different ways, mostly to support upturned and open, but some models such as the Volkswagen CC only supports upturned function, and individual models sunroof can not be opened or upturned.

· driving open sunroof ventilation smaller than the open side window wind noise, it does not cause discomfort to the rear passengers.

· skylights are generally equipped with anti-pinch hand function, encountered some resistance will stop automatically turns off when closed, to protect the body and objects are not pinched.

2. Sunroof technical principle

During the manufacture of the vehicle, to the roof part of the roof space when the stamping and welding step sunroof disposed, and the seal around the roof, the sunroof motor controlled glass window opening upturned other functions.

3. Skylights related reading

Some models have lock the car by remote control key long press to close the sunroof remote functions, specific functions please refer to your vehicle’s manual to see.

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