What is the tire pressure monitoring device?

1. Noun interpretation tire pressure monitoring apparatus

When the tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the contact area of ​​the tire and the ground, and at this time the tire is subjected is relatively increased pressure, tire grip It will be affected. In addition, when the vehicle passes Goukan or bumpy road, because there is not enough space inside the tire to absorb shock, in addition to affecting driving stability and ride comfort, it will also impact efforts to increase the suspension system, which will also take to harm. Therefore, a suitable tire pressure not only helps our driving comfort, but also a great guarantee of safe driving.

tire pressure monitoring system is its role in the process of cars with real-time automatic monitoring of tire pressure, and a flat tire and low pressure alarm, in order to ensure traffic safety.

1, the direct-type tire pressure monitoring means

Direct tire pressure monitoring device (Pressure-Sensor Based TPMS, referred to the PSB), each mounted using in a tire pressure sensor to directly measure the tire pressure, using a wireless transmitter to transmit pressure information from inside the tire to a central receiver system on the module, and then displays the respective tire pressure data. When the tire pressure is too low or leakage, the system will alarm.


Direct tire pressure monitoring system that is: on each wheel is fitted with a pressure sensor and transmitter, if any one tire when the pressure is lower than the recommended cold tire on the driver’s manual tire pressure 25 percentage, it will alert the driver. Warning signal which is more accurate, but if the tire is punctured, the air pressure quickly decreases, the direct TPMS can also provide immediate warning.

2, indirect tire pressure monitoring means

the indirect tire pressure monitoring device (Wheel-Speed ​​Based TPMS, referred WSB), a tire air pressure decreases when the vehicle weightAmounts in the rolling radius of the wheel will be smaller, which results in faster speed than the other wheel, so that by the comparison between the tire rotational speed difference, to achieve the purpose of monitoring tire pressure. Indirect tire alarm system is actually relies on computing the rolling radius of the tire air pressure monitoring.

the indirect tire pressure monitoring device of the direct cost much lower than it is actually using the vehicle speed sensor ABS braking system to compare the four rotation of the tire number, if the tire wherein a tire pressure is low, only the number of rotation of the tire and the other tire will differ, so using the same sensor and the sensed signal ABS system, as long as the vehicle to be adjusted in the computer software, you can be driving computer create a new function, warning the driver of a tire and the other three lower compared to the tire pressure information.

using the indirect tire pressure monitoring device for a vehicle will be two problems, one is the vast majority of indirect tire pressure monitoring device models are not specifically indicates which specific a lack of tire tire pressure; secondly if the tire pressure four tires while on the decline, then this device will fail, and this is generally the case when the temperatures drop in the winter is particularly evident. Further, when the car is traveling through the curve, the outer wheel rotation number of the rotation number may be greater than the inside wheel, sand or snow tire or slippery road, the number of rotation of the particular tire is particularly high. Therefore, this calculation method of monitoring tire pressure has some limitations.

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