What is the torque converter?

Since there is no automatic clutch between the vehicle engine and transmission, the connection between them is achieved by the torque converter, the torque converter First, the role of transmitting the torque and rotational speed, the second is that the It is connected in a non-rigid to facilitate automatic shifting automatic transmission between the engine and automatic transmission.

1. The torque converter Glossary

Since there is no automatic clutch between the vehicle engine and transmission, the connection between them is achieved by the torque converter the role of one of the torque converter and torque transfer speed, and second, the connection between the engine and the automatic transmission in a non-rigid to facilitate automatic shifting automatic transmission.

2. The characteristics of the torque converter

Characteristics of the available torque converter characteristic parameter or characteristic related to several external loads evaluated. Description of the torque converter are the main parameters than the number of revolutions of the pump wheel torque coefficient, torque ratio, the efficiency and penetration and the like. Description of the torque converter characteristic curve mainly outside, the original input characteristic curve and the like.

3. The action of the torque converter

adjacent gear positions when conversion, steps should be taken to different operating same applies to moving gear gear case, but the former is to be joined to the ring gear and clutch rotational angular velocity requires a consistent, while the line speed of the gear meshing point of the latter to be joined uniform requirement, but is based on the principle is the same velocity analysis. Shifting operation

of the transmission, in particular from high to low more complicated shifting operation, and it is easy to have an impact between the teeth of the gear teeth or splines. To simplify operation and to avoid impact between the teeth, may be disposed in the shift device synchronizer.

locking synchronization is synchronized to rely on friction, dedicated means provided thereon to ensure that the splined gear sleeve to be joined before reaching the synchronization impossible in contact, thus avoiding the interdental impact.

4. Fault detection and repair of the torque converter

1, high oil temperature

showed high oil temperature in the machine work oil temperature table exceeds 120 ° C or hand touch feeling of soup, mainly for the following reasons: transmission oil level is too low; cooling water level is too low; dirty or clogged tubing and cooler; in inefficient torque converter working in a range too long; impeller fastening screw loosening; Songkuang bearing fit or damage; integrated freewheel torque converter by blocking death card; freewheel missing parts of the mechanism when the guide wheel assembly.

diagnosis of high oil temperature of the torque converter and troubleshooting are as follows: when the oil temperature is too high, first of all should be immediately stopped, let the engine idle, the cooling system for leaks to see whether the water tank plus filled with water; if the normal cooling system, check the transmission oil level is located between the two markers dipstick. If the oil level is too low, the same grade of oil should be added; if the oil level is too high, you must drain to the proper oil level. If the oil level to meet the requirements, the machine should be adjusted, so that converter operation in the high range zone, to avoid prolonged operation at a low efficiency area. If after adjusting the machine working conditions are still too high oil temperature, check the temperature of the tubing and coolers, if touching a low temperature, indicating drain line or cooler clogged or dirty, drain line should be removed to check for clogging deposits, if deposits should be removed, and then loaded on the joint seal drain lines. If very high temperatures are cooler touch, should release a small amount of oil within the torque converter housing to be checked. If there is the end of the metal in the oil, described Songkuang or bearing damage, leading to impeller wear, and should be decomposed,Replacing the bearings, and the pump and check the pump wheel hub fastening bolts are loose, if loose should be secured. Check the above items are normal, but when the oil temperature is still high, you should check the guide wheel is working properly. After the engine at full throttle, so that the torque converter in the zero speed condition, the torque converter outlet oil temperature to be increased to a certain value, the torque converter and then change into a fluid coupling conditions, to observation degree oil temperature drop. If the oil temperature drops slowly, it may be due to free-wheel stuck the guide wheel locking, dismantling the torque converter should be checked.

2, the oil pressure is too low

phenomenon: When the engine is at full throttle, the torque converter oil inlet still less than the standard value. Mainly caused by the following reasons: a small amount of oil, the oil level is below the plane of the suction port; tubing leaks or blockage; excess oil to flow transmission; intake pipe or oil network congestion; badly worn or damaged pump; oil absorption filter improper installation; oil to foam; outlet pressure valve can not be closed or reduced spring rate.

If the oil pressure is too low, the oil level should first check: If the oil level is below the lowest scale, the oil should be added; normal if the oil level should be checked into and out of the tubing leaks, if oil spill, should be excluded. If the inlet and outlet pipe a good seal, should check the inlet and outlet pressure of the valve operation, if the inlet and outlet pressure valve can not be closed, if installed, check for cracks or flaws on the part, the oil passage hole, and whether smooth, spring rate and whether smaller found that the problem should be solved. If the pressure valve is normal, the filter should be removed for inspection or tubing. If clogging, should be cleaned and remove deposits; oil pipe flow, need to check the hydraulic pump, if necessary, replace the pump. If the hydraulic oil foaming, should check the installation of the return line, such as the oil return pipe is below the oil level of the oil sump, reinstall return pipe.

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