What is the trailer assist?

trailers currently in the country has almost no, but it is very popular in Europe, even the Audi A6 can often be seen on the road in Germany, behind this level of luxury sedan A7 also hung trailer. It is very difficult to reverse the trailer, in addition to the direction of the anti-war, and the body angle must not be too large, even if the steering wheel is straight reverse also requires constant correction, not to mention turn. I want to experience friends can play with the “European truck simulation” games. However, the above-mentioned problems in the Audi the new system are the clouds.

This system will greatly reduce the difficulty of reversing the trailer for the Europeans is a very useful content, and as long as the vehicle has reversing radar can be installed. At present, this system is already quite mature and have the ability to mass production in the near future as an option Audi released in Europe.

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