What is the transmission manual transmission?


Did you know?

combines automated manual transmission is a manual shift and automatic gear change car mode. To minimize power consumption of the transmission system. Manual transmission because they can freely adjust the gear and speed, driving up the fun to drive.



Structurally, the manual transmission main by a common gear box (and the same manual transmission), the electronic control clutch, automatic shift control mechanism and the electronic control portion and so on. Electronically controlled clutch function is needed to make automatic clutch is disengaged or engaged “hanging” clutch, when pushing the clutch yoke work by the transmission ECU controls the stepping motor, or disengage the clutch engagement. Automatic shift control mechanism of the action is automatically engaged gear according to the respective needs, typically provided two stepper motors, controlled by the transmission ECU. Provided that the shift lever similar to a regular automatic, without a clutch pedal.



Now, as the technology matures and costs and other factors, this previously called luxury equipment from us ordinary consumers getting closer. Such manual / automatic transmission system first by the German manufacturer specializing in high-performance sportsPorsche 911 models at its launch, called Tiptronic. As carry the tripod Porsche, since its inception seven years, with its high stability and leading technology, worldwide acclaimed parties. It makes the emergence of high-performance sports car is not necessarily limited to the shackles of conventional automatic transmission. So that drivers can enjoy the fun of manual shifting.

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