What is the transmission manual transmission?


Did you know?

manual transmission, also called manual transmission, abbreviated MT. Hand toggle lever to change the gear engaged in the transmission, change the transmission ratio to achieve the purpose of the transmission. When depresses the clutch, just have to move aside lever.



For a better understanding of the working principle of the transmission , let us first look at a simple model of a 2-speed transmission, is to see how the parts fit between: an input shaft (green) and is connected to the engine through the clutch, the gear shaft and is a member of the above. And the gear shaft (red), called intermediate shaft, which are rotating together. A rotating shaft (green) is rotated by driving the intermediate shaft gear, then, the intermediate shaft can be transmitted to the power of the engine. Axis (yellow) is a splined shaft, and the drive shaft are directly connected, via a differential to drive the car. Wheel rotation will rotate together with the spline shaft. Gear (blue) freely rotatable on the spline shaft. The engine is stopped, but the vehicle is still in motion, the gear (blue) and the intermediate shaft in a stationary state, while the spline shaft is still rotating with the wheel. Gear (blue) and the spline shaft are connected by a sleeve, the sleeve can be rotated with the spline shaft, but also can be slidably engaged with a gear (blue) around the spline shaft.



apparent advantages of simple structure, reliable, and low manufacturing and maintenance costs, and high transmission efficiency (in theory, would be more fuel-efficient), Further, since the control is purely mechanical, the shift reaction is faster and more direct expression the driver’s wishes, and therefore richer driving pleasure, these are the advantages of a manual gearbox. But compared to the automatic transmission, it complicated operation, but also frustrated at a distinct disadvantage when the range switching is irreparable.

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