What is the volume of the tank body parameters?


What is?

Fuel tank capacity is the maximum safe tank volume manufacturer announced.


what’s the use?

the more the larger tank volume filled with oil, the longer the life of the vehicle, the stronger the farther run, can reduce the number of refueling. The larger the tank, can be opened to more distant when the surrounding gas station ran out of gas at the gas station less dense areas approaching, do not worry about running out of oil and suspended.



(1) When the fuel gauge has been shown that no oil, the vehicle can still be travel a few kilometers or even tens of kilometers away to find a gas station.

(2) Some vehicles have two fuel tanks, can run longer.

(3) gas station in a dense urban vehicles do not have to fill the tank, fill up to increase vehicle weight, the relative cost of oil.

(4) Calibration volume will be smaller than the actual amount of fuel, because the manufacturers still left on the nominal volume of the part of the space, to ensure that the fuel temperature increases after the expansion, and thus will not overflow the tank.

(5) can not go to refuel when the fuel run out, and now a lot of cars pump in the tank, pump at work depend on oil to heat, if the oil level is below the pump, the pump might burn.

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