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What is the world champion Formula One racing?


Global Formula 1 racing champion


CCWS, the world champion Formula One racing, spelling is a Champ Car Wor1d Series, referred CHAMP CAR (Champ Car ). CCWS formerly known as CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams), have been translated into Chinese Carter contest, was established in November 25, 1978, it is the world’s first Formula One racing series. 2004 February 17 CART- Carter contest the US Open wheel Racing Series (OWRS) acquisition, officially renamed the Champ Car World Series (CCWS), the world champion Formula One racing.

tournament features:

CHAMP CAR (Champ Car) is the only oval track at the same time can be complicated track (such as Shanghai International Circuit Race Fl formula One racing is carried out on the road) and street style track. To meet this need, Champ Car World Series the world Formula One champion racing car used to have not only on the oval track at high speeds for a long time and deceleration function (straight-line speed at the time of CHAMP CAR championship racing over Fl), and must adapt sharp curve in a variety of formula (F1) complex of formula racetrack or street frequently acceleration and deceleration characteristics. For many of Fl racing was already familiar with the feeling of racing fans tend to numb it, CHAMP CAR championship racing can bring them more visually stimulating and thrilling experience to make this event even more dazzling.

CHAMP CAR racing and F1

in the game, a game in both ovals, or in the game complexity compared to the track or tracks have a street style uniqueCharm. In F1, a driver usually lead after 30 seconds, no accident, then basically you can probably lead to the finish. In CHAMP CAR contest, wide tracks allow more overtaking opportunities, while tilting the track at turn make CHAMP CAR car’s average speed even faster than Fl, you can see three cars almost from the beginning to Mercedes-Benz side by side on the track, while the leading rider has been constantly changing, who has the opportunity rushed to the front. Any racing driver like that can not stay ahead in the race in CHAMP CAR Fl, a number of deliberately blocking tactics simply do not happen in CHAMP CAR Seri.

At the same time, compared with Fl, CHAMP CAR racing championship tournament can only compete in a variety of different tracks, and there are more stringent than Fl restrictions on a variety of electronic aids and automatic device, so CHAMP cAR champion race car driver becomes a very important factor in the game. The relative cost millions of dollars to build the team, known as Team F1 race game, CHAMP CAR champion racing driver experience and better measure the level of riders, it is known to be the drivers of competition, a contest between riders mdash; mdash; mdash; mdash; plus CHAMP cAR racing champion of the entire stadium atmosphere even more breathtaking, to bring more fans to enjoy. Therefore, in recent years CHAMP CAR Champ Car drivers more and more popular around the world and hundreds of thousands of international fans.

As with F1, CHAMP CAR 14-16 Champ Car races into the year, around the world, mostly on tour in North America. In the United States the famous Long Beach, California, Las Vegas, Cleveland Speedway, in the prestigious Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal and Australia’s famous tourist destination – the Gold Coast were on the Great Barrier Reef and other famous race track competition

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