What is traffic jam assistance?

Features: For congested environments automatically with the car, the vehicle can be stopped completely

Active Cruise function (ACC) has been more and more riders are familiar with, it can own set by the driver, the vehicle will accelerate or brake operation and the distance between the front vehicle automatically to maintain the distance between vehicles. Lane keeping functions at present two, one is automatically detected vehicle travel lane, giving the steering wheel vibration or deviation voice prompts, more passive. The second initiative is to correct the steering wheel, in order to ensure that the vehicle in the right lane, the Audi models on the use of the latter. The active cruise and active lane keeping together, they constitute today the system.

it and Volkswagen CC lane keeping active cruise + What is the difference?

Here, we probably have doubts, Volkswagen CC’s top model can also actively intervene to adjust the angle of the steering wheel in the active state of the cruise. And two different vehicles that Audi models of this system is designed for urban traffic jam design, which means that the vehicle can be stopped completely re-start, while Volkswagen CC must be greater than the speed of 30km / h to start. This also means that the set of the system has reached a mature phase and can be applied.

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