What is transmission automated mechanical transmission?


What is?

electronically controlled automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) is a conventional manual gear transmission is improved on the basis of ; it combines AT (auto) and MT (manual) the advantages of both; the AMT has both the advantage of an automatic transmission hydraulic automatic transmission, but also retains the original manual transmission gearing.



compared with MT, AMT advantages are: the operation more convenient, intelligent shifting, no need to clutch driving, more powerful, more precise control shift timing. Imitate the best drivers driving, avoid wrong operation, better security.

Compared with the AT, AMT advantages are: more power, higher transmission efficiency of 7% or more, power transmission without loss; 20 percentage fuel economy and low production costs, less than 30 percent cost advantage, production inheritance and strong; low maintenance costs, comparable to MT, lower than the aT. Compared with the CVT, AMT advantages of low cost, conducive to the production, maintenance more convenient, lower cost, good product can match.



The working principle is based on the original transformation mechanical transmission (manual transmission), the main portion to change the manual shift control. I.e. robotic system in the case of a constant overall transmission structure controlled by the microprocessor to automate the installation of shifting. AMT is therefore actually a robotic system to control a computer to complete the operation of the clutch and the selected gear of two actions. AMT’s core technology is computer-controlled, electronic technology and quality will directly determine the quality of the performance and operation of the AMT.

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