What is transmission automatic transmission?


Did you know?

automotive automatic transmission, the automatic transmission can be changed in accordance with road conditions torque. With respect to the automatic transmission is a manual transmission occurs, is capable of automatically shifting device according to the vehicle speed.



the AT transmission system works

the AT transmission system It is a torque converter, a planetary gear and hydraulic control system components, and the manner by hydraulic transmission gear assembly to achieve variable speed torque. Since the area which is divided into several transmission section speed ratio, and only in a predetermined section of the transmission is stepless, therefore actually an AT automatic transmission interposed between the stepped and stepless. Working Principle

AMT transmission system

The basic principles of the AMT control drive system is: ECU according to the operating state of the manipulation of the driver (throttle pedal, a brake pedal, a steering wheel, gear selector’s manipulator), and the vehicle (vehicle speed, engine speed, transmission input shaft speed) comprehensive judgment, and the road conditions to determine the driver’s intention, with the corresponding control law, the control commands issued, by means of respective actuators, the vehicle power train joint manipulation.

CVT transmission system works

CVT pulley belt and using a variable groove width for power transmission, i.e. when the pulley groove width changes, a corresponding change in the contact radius of the driving wheel and the driven wheel and belt variable speed, the drive belt generally rubber belt, a metal belt and a metal chain.


how to maintain and repair


· Always check the automatic transmission fluid level is normal. · Master the automatic transmission fluid replacement cycle. · Correctly replace the gearbox oil. • Replace automatic transmission lubricants.


· automobiles with every 50,000 km, and the power supply connected to the car, to use the device and supporting the transmission joint in contact with the cooling tube. Then, in the engine idling state, the automatic transmission is added detergent, feet slam the brakes, replace one gear of the automatic transmission, to remove harmful substances, and then fully replace the automatic transmission apparatus by means of a fluid. · Protecting agent is blended with the automatic transmission to the automatic transmission, the addition ratio of 5 percentage. Film-like deposits can be completely discharged within the automatic transmission system, to avoid contamination of the new ATF fluid.

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