What is transmission dual-clutch transmission?


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The dual clutch transmission (Dual ClutchTransmission) DCT different from the general automatic transmission system, which is based on the manual transmission but is not an automatic transmission, in addition to the comfort and flexibility of a manual transmission has an automatic transmission outer , but also to provide uninterrupted power output. The traditional use of a manual transmission clutch, when the shift, the driver must depress the clutch pedal, so that the different gears to make gear meshing operation, and the power interruption occurs during a shift would make intermittent output performance has .



Compared with the conventional manual transmission, more convenient, faster, smoother shift ratio DCT manual transmission, uninterrupted power output. It eliminates the manual transmission torque during the shift interrupt sense to make driving more sensitive. Based on its use manual transmission as the basis for its unique design, DCT can withstand up to 350 Nm of torque. The disadvantages are: the complicated structure of the double clutch transmission, the manufacturing process required relatively high, so the cost is relatively high. Although the affordable torque, dual-clutch transmission has been absolutely able to meet the general requirements of the vehicle, but not enough for intense use.



In 1940, Darmstadt University professor RudolphFranke first applied for a patent dual-clutch transmission, the transmission has been tested on a truck, but did not put into mass production. Then the invention is also dedicated to a Porsche car dual clutch transmission.

In 1985, Audi will double-clutch technology in the racing field, was named “Audi Sport Quattro S1 race with double-clutch technology.” Audi’s dual-clutch technology enables the car was driving in the major cross-country track and win more races.

In 2002, DCT application in Germany, Volkswagen Golf R32 V6 and Audi TT on.

in 2003, which have been extended to golf and other models.

In 2004, DCT first match with the TDI diesel engine in the Volkswagen Touran (Touran) models.

DCT for its excellent fuel economy and become the “new favorite” in Europe. BorgWarner DCT new projects put into operation in 2007, mainly luxury passenger cars, sports facilities, annual production capacity of 600,000 sets.

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