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What is turning headlights?

headlights turn, refers to your car when cornering, the vehicle headlight can be rotated a predetermined angle in the direction you turn, extend your field of vision. Ordinary headlights when you turn, there is a certain dead pedestrians in the blind spot, you do not notice, prone to danger. This equipment is mainly to increase traffic safety at night.

is also known as adaptive headlights steering headlight (Adaptive Frontlighting System) English referred to the AFS, the headlamp can be turned according to the driving speed, steering angle, etc. of the automatic adjustment of headlights deflected in order to be able to advance to illuminate ldquo; did not reach rdquo; area, providing a full range of security lighting, to ensure that at any time the driver has the best visibility. Headlight having ordinary fixed irradiation range, when the car turns on a curve at night, since the illumination angle can not be adjusted, often appear in the inside of the curve ldquo; blind rdquo ;, a great threat to the safety of the driver driving at night. icon steering headlight

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