What is Xenon headlights?

xenon headlights stands for HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp) gas discharge lamp, which utilizes electronic ballast supporting the lift car battery voltage of 12V to instantaneously trigger voltage 23KV or more, the xenon headlights in xenon ionization an arc discharge and stabilize emission, provide stable vehicle headlamp lighting system.

emitting principle

Halogen ordinary light bulb filament, and xenon lamp is no filament, which is a xenon lamp and conventional the most important difference fixtures. Xenon lamp, an arc discharge generated between two electrical electrodes to emit light, as the welding arc produced light. High-voltage pulse is applied between the metal electrodes within a completely sealed miniature quartz lamp (tube), the material excited lamp (xenon gas, a small amount of mercury vapor, metal halide) in an electric arc ionization bright. This bright color temperature and sunlight similar, but with more green and blue components, thus rendering blue shade. This blue-white shade significantly increased the brightness of road signs and signs. The luminous flux emitted by the xenon lamp is a halogen lamp is more than 2 times, while the electrical energy into light energy efficiency is also increased by 70% or more than halogen, the xenon lamp has a relatively high energy density and light intensity, while the operating current of only half halogen .


Compared with ordinary light bulbs, xenon bulbs has two significant advantages: on the one hand, the xenon lamp has than ordinary halogen bulbs three times higher light intensity, was only two thirds of its energy; on the other hand, the xenon lamp using sunlight nearly the same light color, creating a better visual conditions for the driver. Xenon lamps enable a wider range of illumination, greater light intensity, greatly improving safety and driving comfort.


1. In rain, snow, fog and other weather conditions less penetration halogen.

2. Since the luminance is too high, it is easy to opposite way until the driver, there is a certain security risk.

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