What is yellow cars?

is an abbreviation for high emission vehicles emissions vehicles, even country is not reached Ⅰ emission standard gasoline vehicles, or country Ⅲ reach discharge of diesel, its environmental protection mark affixed to yellow, so called emission vehicles.

1. The yellow car noun

is an abbreviation for high emission vehicles emissions vehicles, even country is not reached Ⅰ emission standard gasoline vehicles, State or discharge reach ⅲ diesel vehicles, because of its environmental protection mark affixed to yellow, so called yellow cars.

2. How to distinguish yellow cars

a rough distinction is, essentially made cars manufactured before 1996 vehicles imported cars manufactured prior to 1998 vehicles belonging to emission vehicles, but these vehicles can be retrofitted in part, the other can not. Since 1999, Beijing began to perform motor vehicle emission standards for country I, basic vehicle purchased before that belong yellow cars category, the average age of the vehicle in about 13 years, to Beijing A, E, Beijing vehicle segment of the majority. Since 2003, Beijing prohibits emission vehicles into the Ring.

as well as the consumers that “carburetor car” is the “emission vehicles.” In actual fact, Green Label If the owner of the vehicle EFI, carburetor installation of catalytic converters in vehicles, so the carburetor car is not absolute, “not environmentally friendly.” Mainly to see whether these vehicles to install catalytic converters. Policy

3. The yellow car of the

From January 1, 2009 in addition to protection of urban life and the production run, the transport of sediment and other yellow car all day ban Beijing within the Fifth Ring Road road (including rings) travel. Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Traffic Management Bureau jointly reaffirmed the 30 “air pollution control measures fifteenth stage of the notice” policy in relation to the forbidden line emission vehicles, also announced a period of high pollution emissions a year motor vehicle out of incentives. According Bulletin, October 1, 2009 to protect yellow car Beijing city operations will be phased out of all updated,October all emission vehicles will be prohibited from traveling within the Sixth Ring Road (inclusive).

“Every phase out a yellow car, the government will give up to 2.5 million in incentives.” Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Du in less he said that since September 27 until the end of the year 2009 roll-out and scrapped vehicle, a vehicle exhaust required regular testing, the yellow green signs posted effective, and can enjoy incentives. According to reports, in order to encourage early elimination, encourage standards in two phases, the first phase from September 27, 2008 to June 30, 2009, during which eliminated to encourage capital up to 2.5 million, the lowest 800 yuan; the second phase from 2009 July 1 to December 31, during which eliminated to encourage capital up to 22,000 yuan, the lowest 500 yuan.

According to the national car trade policy, Beijing out of the yellow car can be the difference between the replacement secondary subsidies. This year the yellow car out of standard subsidy policy, the execution time by the end of this year until May 31. State subsidies for the year June 1 to May 31 this year. Last year June 1 to May 31 this year, the two synchronous execution policy, in line with those two policies, one can choose to apply for subsidies will be high.

4. Yellow cars of the certification process

Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to implement the Central Office No. 104 “Notice on the implementation of car trade policies to encourage early retirement of emission vehicles.” and the spirit of the document “Xiangtan City car trade work plan”, according to the Ministry of environmental Protection “motor vehicle inspection marks environmental regulations,” the requirements and the actual situation of the development of our city. “Emission vehicles “transitional measures identified.

Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau led the establishment of” yellow cars “that the office for registration and identification work.” Yellow car “of that application by the owners, in the car on a regular basis line inspection to detect its main program is:.

● chaired car motor vehicle driving license and “motor vehicle trade-in subsidies application Form” (hereinafter referred to as “application Form”) to “standard yellow cars” that the office filed.

● “standard yellow cars” that the office according to the application owners, according to the centralized and unified principles, arrange car detection of specific time and place and inform the applicant “standard yellow cars” that the car owners. [ 123]

● application “standard yellow cars” that the owners according to “standard yellow cars” that the office specified detection time of the inspection line designated for testing, test only charge the cost of gas detection, testing lines shall not for any reason refused subject.

● art to detect exhaust line detecting apparatus for vehicle inspection application “yellow cars” that the car is detected, that registers, and motor vehicle emissions Measurement certificate recorded on the relevant inspection data and signature.

● chaired car driving license, motor vehicle emissions permit detection and “Application Form” to “yellow cars” that the office query finds. “Emission vehicles” found office workers based on “vehicle environmental inspection marks regulations” determined determination method were identified.

● “standard yellow cars” that the office staff will be identified in the results marked “application Form” corresponding position, and affix seal of the environmental protection department audit opinion.

● “standard yellow cars” that the office staff to identify vehicle registration records.

5. yellow car of queries

query whether the owners of vehicles belonging to the “yellow standard car” can be found at “vehicle environmental network” ” ‘yellow car’ query system”, according to system requirements to fill in the relevant content, you can get results. Such as querying the system can not be found in the vehicle model, must be scrapped before the dismantling of the municipal environmental protection department of inspection to confirm.

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