What is zero tire pressure to continue driving?

1. Introduction

zero tire pressure to continue driving this configuration is also called run-flat tires. Strictly speaking, zero tire pressure to continue driving a car can not be counted as configured, it is only a configuration of the role or manifestation.
flat tires study called “run-flat tires.” Abbreviation RSC. Rear wall of a pneumatic tire is the primary site to support the weight of the vehicle, in particular a number of flat ratio (flatness ratio is the ratio of height to width of the tire) larger tire sidewall very “Hypertrophy”, “tire” usually serious resulting in instantaneous collapse of the tire wall, so that the tires instantly lose support force, causing the vehicle center of gravity changes at once, especially front-wheel drive car front tire after a puncture focus shifted moment is likely to make the vehicle out of control. After driving experience if the driver does not tire (most people do not), you may do wrong driving maneuvers (eg brakes), which will result in irreparable loss of control of the vehicle.

2, the safety requirements

flat tire is a very serious security incidents, particularly flat tire on the highway. According to statistics, the domestic highway traffic accident by 70 percent due to a puncture, which occurs above 160 km per hour mortality rate is close to 100 percentage puncture.
to the vehicle configuration “flat tires” security problem is solved greatest degree of concern. But truly be called the “flat tire” is the military 6times; 6,8times; 6 armored vehicles and other off-road tires, tire in their specially designed metal strip, even in the face artillery shrapnel breakdown can be maintained tires will not deformed and move on. Ordinary civilian “flat tires” Although not do so tough, but the “explosion” principle is basically the same.

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