What kind of experience is the “Excelle” driving in Northeast, “Excelle” is a kind of experience? |

In this issue, let’s chat, in cold Northeast winter, what are the payments in the car rental, driving in the ice and snow road, what skills worth sharing?

After all, the winter holiday is approaching, I believe that there are many friends who want to take their children to see the snow in the north, but long-distance self-driving, dangerous The coefficient is high, the plane is flying to the destination, and the rents will be more comfortable.

ingot and guys are not to travel this time, but they want to open a list of vehicles. When you come back, the destination is nearly 300 kilometers away. After the plane takes the train, it is too long. It will be nearly 6 hours; the bus is not very convenient, and I want to go to another county town, and I will pay an old friend.

Thought wants to go to rent a car, and paying the deposit, there is still a little worried about the question, but the whole After using the process until the car is returned, the consumer experience is still quite good.

First, the goods are more than three, the snow fetal priority


One start, is from a certain order, it is scheduled a large luxury 1.6L automatic block, Daily Rent 89 Yuan, deposit 3000 yuan, paying the car on the same day, if there is no other problem, the original path refund. At that time, considering a large name, the service attitude of sales, it was ordered, but it was not paid online.

The day before, confirmed the state of the vehicle, mainly the snow tire. In the northeast winter driving, the snow tires are quite important. It can further improve the grip, especially the road conditions of the ice and snow road, no snow fetus can’t open, the wheel is slippery.

After a communication, it is told that there is a snow tire, but after retreating the car, it needs to be paid. The illegal deposit of 2000 yuan, and the 30 working days will be refunded, and it feels a bit trouble and retreats orders.

before, listened to friends, some car rental software can be exempted from deposits and re-find. Somewight can be highly low through Alipay’s credit, and the deposit is rented for the corresponding level of vehicles, nor does it require illegal deposits, but after the actual communication of the store, the reply obtained is: Our car has not changed the snow tire, you I have to think I can rent it. There are skilled ice and snow pavement, I have seen it, and I will find it.


Finally, the order is subjected to an empty order, which is also depolized by Alipay’s credit. Snow tires, or a daily rent only 69 yuan of Excelle 1.6L automatic block, but also save money, perfect, it is it. It should be noted that the rental consumption has a day rent, and there is a service charge and a fee, usually around 100 yuan.

However, after taking the real car, it is still very happy.

Second, the car rental is also “string”, the photograph is the core

When the plane, go straight to the airport, through the ID card, the driver’s license to pick up the car, sign the rental contract. But when the car was told: Excelle has been renting, they can provide a higher daily rent, but still rented me in the rental of Excelle.

When I see a license plate, I am not smiling. Isn’t this the one before? It turns out that the car rental is also “string”, and it is a bit like we sell, there is no car in our exhibition hall, you can go to a friend store even one. I can understand that the car rental business is basically a platform to cooperate with the owner of the platform. The owner’s car may hang in multiple platforms. Everyone is coming, and the car is going out, and the money is the purpose.

Tube, anyway, the ingot is saving.


Next is the check, good guy, scratch, bumps are true, follow The guys who are not reflected, but people ignore it, just say: You will record the problems you found, and we will check it when you return. Forget it, if you take a scratch one hour, press the surface, the head, Front, car side, internal, back row, trunk each take a complete photo, anyway, it can be clear, check the driving license and insurance policy, see the indiration of the oil is not lacking, walking.

Finally, there is also a problem of delaying the car and the violation.

If you delay the delivery hours, I need to renew the rear in advance on the platform, and then according to the actual car Time, they will return the remaining rent; the Hailar location is relatively biased, involving illegal driving, need to deduct the separation, especially trouble, so we must drive carefully to avoid violations.

three, high gear, low speed, roadside “spring snow” can save live

To tell the truth, in the good road conditions, look at the ice and snow in the street, it is still a bit tense of. Because the sun is finished, the sun is irradiated, and the temperature is relatively cold, after 2 freezing, the reflective ice surface is formed, especially slippery.


Walking in this road, the speed is slow, and we also ask us to meet the sexual driving Ability. For example: see the red green light in front, be sure to slow down in advance, keep the vehicle’s smooth posture, may have only 40km / h in front of your car, but the brakes in front of you are too late to avoid the brakes, let the vehicle and the ground from rolling friction Sliding friction.

After the ABS works, it can indeed reducing the vehicle speed by “bottom brake”, but the road surface is too slippery, it is easy to react situation.

So, as far as possible, there is a relatively safer driving, which will be relatively safer.


In addition, the high gear, low speed, so that the car “嗡”The energetic, you need to reduce the speed, directly down, using the engine brake control speed, the automatic system can use manual mode; when the bend, it is also necessary to slow, slow back, slow down the throttle, The direction and power of the power is also very easy to cause the body attitude until the body attitude is out of control, and the tail is happened.

Finally, if the vehicle is slippery, try not to stop the brake, the oil is camped, and the steering wheel is stabilized. You can find a white “sophisticated snow” assist in the roadside. It is not touched by “Snow” frictional force, which can help control the slip.

In fact, if the snow tire is equipped, even if one side wheel is traveling on the ice, the other side wheel Drive in flat pavement, the probability of slipping is small, try to avoid the two side wheels to touch the ice.

The trick is a row of clouds, avoiding abrupt steering, power and systemAction.

Car gathered tone


The process of this car is very pleasant, when picking up, there is still a half-box oil in the car, adding 220 yuan, running back, the pointer is just about half box But through the mileage calculation, I added the oil and the remaining, but also returned the rich 12 yuan oil.

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