What pet pink car prices new ways? Honda and see how impatient owners with a dream

quot together; impatient quot; dream! Honda’s first manic dream festival unlock quot; pet pink quot; new posture

by a dream 21 carrier, Guangqi Honda quot; dream quot; as a source of power, in order to exceed customer expectations of advanced products and quality services, pink circle over 7 million users. When Honda and seven million fans dream interwoven in a large-scale rave, will impact what kind of spark?

Honda’s first fuel-saving engine manic dream lying open

have a dream, we must quot; impatient quot; up! November 23, Honda’s first fan to create a festival – manic manic dream festival opened in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Auto Show 2019 Honda form the strongest quot; double home quot ;! The manic dream festival, Honda owners and fans from across the country gathered in Guangzhou to share with each other to create a quot; impatient quot; dream moment, blasting activity index hit a record high!

manic Sleeper field

pet powders quot; impatient quot; dream, all the exciting part of a fan [ 123]

impatient dream festival is a grand festival Honda with seven million owners and fans together created the event set quot; Honda brand zone quot;, quot; Acura brand zone quot;, quot; tidal change the car area, quot; quot; honor totem district quot;, quot; the owners car collection zone quot; etc., over half of the area by the fans to participate in build. Honda hopes to showcase personality and dreams of the stage for the owners and fans, and we enjoy together and release the hearts of love. The manic dream festival, owners and fans become the protagonist, every wonderful belong to Honda fans.

quot; tidal quot; gathered interest, laser burning dream. quot; tidal change the car area quot; on the tide change 126 parking spaces quot; packed quot ;, here brought together from all over the country quot; appointment came quot; of Honda vehicles tide personality change, and set the car shock wave of changeShake parade, the official modified pieces display and other sectors, bringing an unprecedented event for the modification enthusiasts. The most exciting part of this area was undoubtedly the wave of change cars interactive selection, participating vehicles through layers of competition, to compete quot; tide changed popular king quot; develop their style.

to 126 tidal change the car list

tide change car introduction and voted

to 126 tidal change cars compete for

tide changed popular king

quot; Acura brand zone quot; infinitely more exciting, SH-AWD holographic imaging technology attract many fans gathered to watch, Guangzhou Automobile Acura whole car display area turns pink countless.

Honda legend ultra-running Acura NSX

Acura stars models

on the other side of quot; Honda brand zone quot; also by virtue of the true nature of space – Hao shadow exclusive display area and electric space VE-1 exclusive display area a bright spot. Site also provides Honda and Acura brand two main models to test drive, let fans experience the depth of Honda’s technology charm.

In addition, the site brings fans to show classic car collection. To create a Japanese sports car in the history of the legends of the S2000, blood INTEGRA TYPE-R models allow fans to feast their eyes, faithful owners since the purchase of the sixth generation to show everyone the tenth generation Accord Honda Accord brand in the quot; quality of the world the same strain quot; the under the concept, the times of high value products charm evolving!

owners of classic car collection sixth generation to the tenth generation Accord

As Honda has a leading technology and product strength, and of course bring black &! In addition to design for you a fan of the black experience science and technology area, stage area is more a giant engine model, a prototype model of the engine from the tenth generation Accord sharp middot; on hybrid equipped with third-generation i-MMD hybrid system, Honda to show the pursuit of technological dream!

massive engine model and the tenth generation Accord sharp middot; hybrid

the event colorful, fans are also very excited. Honda powder batch of loyalty in the party share a dream story connected individuals and Honda emotion: lost a leg due to osteomyelitis 81-year-old Su grandfather, will be replaced before the automatic manual transmission Fit Fit, with his wife around World, quot; my courage comes from Fit. Because the Fit is my legs, as long as it is, I can go around the country. As long as the Fit in, we have to keep going, to live with a young mind. quot; 20 years ago in the Shanghai auto show’s first case of the sixth-generation Accord, after a lifetime indulging in collections of numerous magazines and related Mr. Honda car models Shen, now converted Fit Daren, quot; Fit Whether shopping or playing modified taking into account all I think this is a very cow thing. quot; reliance Honda vehicle quality, will fit into the Guangzhou Automobile Acura RDX Mr. Song quot; the beginning is like a sign of Acura, like a vernier caliper, representing precise, like a scalpel, with my profession (doctors ) match. quot; Later, he watched a lot of Acura vehicles in the United States, quot; including cars more than ten years, when it had a good impression of reliability, I chose to eulogize also because it is very safe, quality is very reliable. quot;

Su Mingci couple

Jia Shen Huan

Xin Song

VTEC range of children

Honda first manic dream Festival, the Guangzhou auto show and held in conjunction with the build Honda this year, the strongest brands quot; double home quot; – as quot; technology pioneer quot; the Honda provided by Guangzhou Auto show for users of advanced products and technologies, as quot; dream companion quot; of Honda and providing dream stage show by fans impatient for the dream section. Honda dream impatient by the first section, and owners and fans to establish a closer emotional connection.

a new life of people and vehicles display area

quot; to create a shared quot ;, Honda fans and common achievements

success of the first Honda dream Festival held impatient, indicating that Honda and fans dream of peers, sharing to create a beginner’s mind. Honda believes that adhere to the beginning of the heart, is the business for 21 years by a dream road remains key vitality.

equipped with Earth Dreams engine Fit for modification enthusiasts to provide superior products and technology, modification enthusiasts use their own creativity to shape the Fit quot; civilian supercar quot; title, and let Honda harvesting more and more understand the car, the car’s high-quality young users, further giving Honda quot; in the heart of young quot; brand connotation.

quot; civilian supercar quot; Fit

in August 2019 – a period of 10 months, Honda is based on current consumption insight into the crowd to pet powder as the beginning of the heart, inspire dreams of leading the country held special shops, and users share to create a quot; tide changed quot;, quot; tide living quot;, quot; the influx of invasive quot;, quot; tide exploration quot; four theme activities, like conversion, driving, environmental protection and other spheres of different groups to provide a more personalized and interactive communication platform. Fans personality show through this platform release dreams, in turn, shaped the Honda quot; full of insight quot; brand image.

impatient dream festival scene show the lifestyle of people and vehicles

Honda 21-year history by a dream, it is to create a shared history and fans. Through leading products, technologies and services, quot; dream companion quot; Guangqi Honda fans realize their dreams, fans also through word of mouth, the achievements reached Honda seven million sales, shaping the Honda quot; Young at Heart quot ;, quot; full of insight quot;, quot; continuous innovation quot;, quot; trustworthy quot;, quot; inspiring quot; the spirit of the brand.

Honda first manic dream festival large group photo

New Age New Wave, the Honda is also actively exploring people and cars, the new relationship between people. November 22, Honda announced a new service brand proposition quot; FUN LINK record Enjoying Auto Life quot ;, to quot; peace of mind to trust quot; improve customer satisfaction; to quot; smart and convenient quot; liberation customer time; to quot; social networking and creating a shared quot; facilitate connections between people, create new value.

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