What should the car need to be balanced?

If there is no need to replace the tire; the tire balance is divided into dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic imbalances make the wheel swing, so that the tire produces wavy wear; static imbalances produces bumps and beats, often causes the tire to produce flat spot. Therefore, regular detection balances can not only extend the life of the tires, but also improve the stability of the car to avoid the tire swing, beat, and lose control due to high speed.

Dynamic balance judgment and treatment method:

(1) Dynamic balance: The wheel of the car is composed of tires and hubs, as a car After the wheel is high-speed, it will form an imbalance, resulting in a phenomenon of vehicle jitter and steering wheel vibration in driving, in order to avoid this phenomenon or eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to make wheels in dynamic conditions. By increasing the equipping method, the process of correcting the respective edge portions, this correction process is what people often say, which is usually said to be installed, and the dynamic balance ensures that the tire can drive and prevent jitter. Alternatively, it is more secure to drive on the car high speed.


1, after replacing the new tire or crash accident repair;

2, front and rear tire single side partition; [ 123]

3, the steering wheel is too heavy or floating;

4, the car will run left or right;

5, although there is no above, but For maintenance purposes, it is recommended that new cars are driving for 3 months after driving, 1 hour later;

(3) Dynamic balance is a balance of correction wheels, different positions plus different weight blocks, Furthermore, the car tire is in concentric movement, so that the car is driving more smoothly safely.

As long as LDQUO; moving RDQUO; after the tire, it needs to be done. After completing the completion balance, there is the following advantages:

1, enhance driving comfort;

2, reduce gasoline consumption;

3, increase tire life;

4, ensure direct stability of the vehicle;

5, reduce the wear of the chassis suspension accessories;

6, enhance driving safety;

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