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When Tesla sales drops to 10,000, can’t find an opponent in the Chinese market?

In the transstature, 2021 is about to enter the fourth quarter, with the gradual release of car sales in August, before the consumer does not understand “chip shortage What happened to me, finally became easily understood. Originally, 50,000 cars, now there may be only 30,000 discounts, originally to be optimistic about further price cuts, now picking up the car to wait for 1 month, or even 3 months.

Traditional cars, electric vehicles, new forces, etc., all of them have encountered new challenges.

Of course, the traditional automotive pattern has formed a relatively firm situation, even if the change is not particularly large. The largest movement is the most, the most vocal is naturally a new new energy car that further takes place. Their vocal can drive the stock price, enhance the brand image, attract more consumers, and so on.

August’s new energy car sales, the roughness of the rising decline

The overall sales of the whole decline, the sales of new energy vehicles have risen, which reflects that all companies are bonding future development policies. The performance, there is no doubt that new energy cars are expected to become the main line of replacement fuel vehicles.

The wholesale sales of passenger cars in August was 1512,000, down 12.9% year-on-year, and the new energy passenger car wholesale sales was 304,000 units, and the year-on-year increase of more than 200%, in view of the epidemic in 2020. Given the current chip shortage, it is actually a situation. More car companies are used in their own capacity to meet new energy vehicles, not traditional cars.

Under this basic premise, you can see a series of key information outside of the number of new energy vehicles today.

Mainline, electric vehicle market, German car companies BBA + public have a relatively large action, mainly with mass brand, its new energy Wholesale sales is 10,000, and the performance of the Japanese / Korean / US Department is relatively high, whether it is Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and has no particularly bright sales numbers.

In this case, the situation in the Japanese / Korean / US Department is not too the same. Japanese brand is the layout of new energy vehiclesWithout the public, such as the rapid release of strategic goals (2025 sales exceed Tesla, more than half of the global sales in 2030), Honda / Toyota chooses transition transformation, gradually from Fuili → Mixing Auto → New Energy car. American brand, because of its weak technical capabilities / model reserves, today’s situation is also normal, after all, from the 1990s, the US brand will no longer hold the lead in global automobile technology.

The situation of the Korean brand is slightly slightly, it is earlier in the global new energy auto market, with high sales, technical iterations, but this advantage is not transformed into sales, and sales is further Decline.

Compared to the public brand, the number of people who do not be optimistic, now sell 10,000, with its channels / capacity / brand reputation Waiting for the reason, the initial period is better. However, because of its technical strength / intelligent highlights / complement mode, there is no particularly good expectation when you encounter the mainstream opponents in the market.

A few companies worth watching, including:

1. SAIC’s general five riling, with a strategy of replacing a 1.5-25,000 yuan traditional conventional Mili Hong Kong MINI EV continues to override 30,000 sales numbers. In a short time, its sales will remain in the high. But the problem is also the same, relying on a low-cost strategy, its sales number and real profit have great differences, and the subsequent unsustainability is remarkable. And, now it is facing more similar opponents, such as Benben EV sales have risen to 7358 units, with the admission of Chery and other enterprises, Wuling’s profits will be thin.

2. In terms of plugging, the Chinese car is a absolute advantage. BYD Qin PLUS DM-I sells 10,000, BYD Song DM sales broke 6,000 units, BYD Tang DM sales close to 5,000 units, while new forces are ideal at the same time, the ideal one of the plug-in mixed / increased process, sales, sales of 9433 . On the one hand, they occupy a significant advantage in sales, and on the other hand, they have initially mastered the Phev city.The pricing power of the field, such as BYD DM-I pulled the price of the car to the traditional fuel-saving interval. Ideal One will set the threshold of the large SUV in such intelligent new energy to around 34,000 yuan. From the current related performance from the joint venture brand, their models are often more than 4-50,000 yuan more than the traditional fuel truck, even more, even the terminal has a large price reduction, and the attraction is limited.

In other words, in the PHEV technology market, foreign brands are not good, the core reason is that the technological advanced is insufficient (especially for DM-I), which leads to cost control to further explore.

3. Normal pure electric models, points are “new and old new forces”. Planing the pair of Euler black cats (90,000 yuan or less) of the main low price market, Clever Clever (below 50,000 yuan), which 吒 V (selling less than 70,000 yuan), a good sales volume Only Tesla, BYD, Xiaopeng, Guangqi Ean, and a total of 5. There is also a certain bright grade (more than 700,000 yuan) in the upper market (more than 700,000 yuan), Porsche Taycan, HiPhi X, has already handed over the previously estimated sales scores.

As for sales, the overall sales of Tesla is growing, but the sales of China has dropped to 10,000 in August (2 models), Xiaopeng / Offer, etc. Still keep in a healthy location and continue to climb. And GAC Ean, in fact, only Ean S has maintained a good sales, but a lot of parts from their axis / life can meet the needs of the network, they are purchased. The real C-terminal consumer market, there is also a large lifting space.

Tesla’s sales, it is worth mentioning it alone

Essentially, since Tesla in China After that, it has been described as “stirring the market of squid.” Model 3’s launch and sales of Model Yeng, the launch of Model Y and today’s market heat, directly stimulating the progress of the market, more and more new and old power vehicles began to launch a targeted model, but also achieved good achievement.

For example, Xiaopeng’s NGP has been practical and user experience / technical indicators, etc.With more autopilot, for example, it will successfully start the expansion / user operation and maintenance of the complement mode, and then some car companies have achieved new capabilities in cost control.

However, it should be noted that the core of sales of sales in August this August is that it is prioritizing production capacity to the European market, and the current number does not care to meet the Chinese market, at the same time Even so, this number is also equal to twice as Xiaopeng P7.

Future sales figures will also face a series of stresses with market / public relations / regulations / technologies, but cannot change, Tesla is in China, has been fulfilled The advantage of its capacity level, in other words, it is further amplified.

From the digital, Tesla China exported 3,1379 in August, China’s retail volume was about 12,000 units, the reason is that Mask has developed an impact on the third quarter for Tesla. New high goals.

In this regard, Tesla is in China, now has approached 50,000 units / month, and this is zero in the whole industry. The partial shortage / chip shortage is caused.

While this does not directly transform into Tesla in China’s single month sales close to 50,000, such results, but a core fact is that it is currently released in China’s production numbers, already More 蔚 来 + Xiaopeng + Ideal + Guangqi Yan’s sum, it is more high.

In other words, it has mastered Tesla, which is different from the profit idea of ​​traditional car manufacturing, can calculate the integral trading profit into the car, so that your bicycle cost is much lower than the cost of industry, and I don’t pay much attention to bicycle profits. Instead, the sales of vehicles are packaged into other businesses to conduct financial / capital, etc., which masters cost advantages, pricing rights, and currently high-performance advantages.

With its contrast, the current sales of the car, the existing part of the production capacity saturation, is being further seeking the available capacity / factory.

In the automotive industry, the core mentioned is only 2 points, costs, capital. Cost = leading or mainstream technology strengthAt the same time, it can compare costs, master the pricing power, and finally form a sales advantage; capital = funds / budget / dominable resources behind them, and further guarantee the advantages of technology / brands.

Write in the last:

Although Tesla has some “big”, in terms of goodwill / treatment of consumer attitude / jump / security / technology zero There is a clear short board, but from consumer psychology, because of its uniqueness, certain technical advantages, more features such as external expressions, it can continue to be high when there is no red line problem. Sales.

However, the high sales does not mean too much, because from this August chipful car era, we can see a series of system capabilities such as capacity, cost, has It is superior to the similar opponents in the market.

After planning production capacity, it will further improve, and even rumors have increased to 1 million units. At that time, a “hand held various games, the bottom card in the new energy car market. “New energy car real giants, just like now in China’s fuel car market.

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