Which mistakes are mostly dangerous?

Since the driver’s license has been driver’s license ten years ago, he found ldquo; the topic of the female driver rdquo; did not stop. Not long ago, a female car owner in Dongguan was uncontrolled, and the incident of the 600-year history of the History was hot. At the same time as regret for 600, the historical cultural relics is destroyed, the female driver is easy to generate the fact that the error is operated, and people are worried again.

Due to women like cars, the probability of understanding the car is far less than men, so I don’t understand the principle of car, I don’t understand car operation. I don’t understand the common sense of car, causing a female driver easier to operate or have a bad habit when driving. In order to remind more female owners safe driving, in order to help female owners find a safer and more correct use of cars, Xiaobian has done it today for your reference.


Forgot to let go

Danger Index: A Star

One of the easiest ways to make mistakes is when driving
, many people are like learning the car. I hurried after getting on the bus, I was hung in front to block the problem of letting the hand brakes.
This operation is easy to accelerate the wear of the brake pad, the fuel consumption is increased, and the vehicle is out of control.

So, then the female driver should confirm whether the handbrake is put down, and the hand is as important as the hang. In addition, the handbrakes do not appear in the dashboard, there will be a red exclamation reminder lamp, if

is discovered when driving

, to confirm whether the handbrake is put down.

However, now many high-end cars and automatic vehicles are equipped with , this does not have to worry about the problem of not letting it, it is also a gospel for the female driver. If the car is equipped with an electronic handbrake, then the hangs can be directly stepped on the throttle. When the vehicle starts, the handbrake function will be automatically released without additional operation.

When starting, the wrong gear

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: Two stars

Some female owners have easy-to-hand in trouble when they hurry. It is easy to hang the wrong gear before starting. However, in general, the hanging error gear will avoid the accident in time. However, if the hanging error is too large, it will happen if it is not in time. Therefore, the female driver happens to block into the river, and there is a occurrence of the accident.
How to avoid hanging wrong gear?

There will be

on the general gear, and the gear can be identified according to a brighter light. Stepping on the throttle after confirmation. In addition, most models will display the current gear in a certain position of the dashboard. Before starting, the gear display on the dashboard can be confirmed, and then start again, this more effectively avoids hanging error.


In-vehicle dangerous pendant, ornaments

Hazardous Index

: Three stars

Some female owners will set a lot of decorations and decoration in the car in order to create an atmosphere in the car you like. Whether it is on the meter, on the mirror, or the seat is left. The car is warm, but it is not known that after the vehicle has collided, some objects are secondary injuries in the car, and even the weapons of the death.

The most common case is that some girls like Swarovski’s snowflake crystals, and hang them on the inside of the vehicle. However, the crystal material plus the sharp edge of snowflakes has a great safety hazard. If the vehicle has collided, it is unimaginable. Therefore, the female driver should not take care of the car, but also to take into account safety.


There is LDQUO during driving; small motion RDQUO;

Hazardous index

Although most female drivers are not as good as male driver driving technology Ok, but LDQUO when driving; small motion RDQUO; In addition to eating, watching mobile phones, and even a female driver is still making a makeup because of the time. Coating, blush, clamping, painting eyes, not knowing this series of operations is very dangerous.
Although these small actions will not occupy too long, it may cause a traffic accident for two seconds when driving. This has no difference between this case that drives a mobile phone to watch a mobile phone.
Therefore, the female driver will park makeup, or make up the makeup and drive. For the safety of individuals and others, don’t transfer your attention when driving vehicles, even for a few seconds.


Brake, the wrong operation of the throttle

Hazardous index

No, a woman driver in Dongguan The car is out of control, hits the 600-year history of the old hall, causing the building wall and 3 cars damaged, and the three injured incidents are widely concerned. It is no more correct measures that cannot be properly determined in time, as well as panic, and is one of the common problems leading to serious traffic accidents.

If you want to reduce throttle brake errors, the female driver remembers a principle, ldquo; heel is not separated, and the foot is on the pedal. Rdquo; Female driver stepped on the wrong brakes and throttle often because of the wrong driving habits. Generally, after the whole foot is completely left, it cannot be judged by the throttle and brake position.

If you want to minimize error operation, the right foot followed by the right foot followed the intermediate position of the brake throttle pedal, and the heel should not be left. Raise your feet with ankle, step on the left, step on the throttle to the right. Thus, as long as it is loosening the current pedal, step on the other direction pedal, it can be determined whether the throttle or the brake will greatly reduce the probability of misoperation.

The Queen’s Day is coming, you are ready for the queen of banknotes, are you ready to travel safely? Female car habits are different from men, and there are many mistakes that are ignored. I hope that Xiaobian listed female drivers can easily occur, and the improvement method can help you.

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