Who is more reliable in Toyota, Honda, Nissan?

Automotive quality is an indicator of our civilians. Because the reliability performance of the car will directly affect the latter vehicle experience. It is difficult to ignore the Japanese car. Everyone said that the Japanese cars are more durable, so that they will be good, and there are many reasons for buying these models. The reason why the Japanese car is good is not a hole in the wind. In the reliability list of various media in the United States, the performance of the Japanese car is always famous. So Toyota, Honda, Nissan, these three Japanese three swordsmen, who is more reliability?

The reason why Toyota, Honda, Nissan is a Japanese three sword passengers because these brands have a high reputation in the global market. These brands have also have huge balances in the Chinese market.

First, Toyota, Toyota Motor as the largest car manufacturer in the world, how can this achievement? Toyota has the strongest place may be reliable, “” There must be a road before the lane, there must be Toyota car “, 200,000 impression that has just been milled, can be said to be deeply rooted. Taking Toyota Corolla as an example, this model has accumulated more than ten million sales in global sales. Toyota is not a bad impression is to be verified in such a real sales.

Toyota’s technical reserves are very comprehensive, whether naturally inhaled engine to turbo is a good performance, Toyota signature mix Dynamic technology has also been tested more than 15 million owners. Taking Toyota’s natural inhale engine as an example, the 2.0L naturally charged engine of the code M20 can output the maximum power of 131kW, the maximum torque is 210 Nm, and the thermal efficiency is more than 40%.

As for the gearbox, Toyota is sitting in the world’s largest gearbox manufacturer, can make CVT, multi-gear AT, etc. . The quality of the love letter gearbox is also a great vision, and the 6AT, 8AT, and 8ats of the love letter have also received many independent brands.Favused.

Honda has the title of the engine manufacturer, and the engine’s engine has excellent results, and the power of the model is basically More than Toyota’s same-level car is higher. In addition to naturally inhaled this Honda’s traditional advantage, Honda has also developed in turbocharged technology in this two years. The 1.5L natural gas intake engine in this Tianfeng Fan is an example. It is possible to output 131 horsepower. The peak torque is 155N.m, which is a bug in a small displacement group. exist.

Honda gearbox also uses autonomous research and development, autonomous production, whether it is manufactured or produced in their own hands, reliability is still good of. Whether it is a long-term parallel shaft gearbox or now the CVT gearbox, Honda’s reliability performance is not bad.

Honda’s IMMD hybrid technology has evolved to third generation products, and the flat design continues Honda’s MM concept. However, the third generation of IMMD technology seems to have encountered some fault feedback, and the manufacturer also has an action of prolonging warranty.

To say that the Japanese three sword passengers have played the most powerful brand, then it is Nissan. The slogan of Nissan is impressive, and the Nissan has always been either not play, or it will play a lot of money. VC-TRUBO technology is the product of Nissan’s thick-proficiency, this variable compression ratio engine is full of various black technology. This 2.0TVC-TRUBO variable compression on Scorpio is more than 243 horsepower than the engine, peak torque is 371 nmIDDOTT; M / 4400RPM, this engine makes Nissan Tianzhu get the title of the surface. However, this engine sales time is still long, the data from the owner is still not much, and it is difficult to evaluate the quality of this engine.

Nissan HR16 is a good engine, which is widely used in models such as Sylphy and Trent. Silky sales have been obvious, and this engine’s complaint is not much.

Nissan is the first manufacturer of CVT gearboxes in Japan Sutan, because Nissan has JACTO this gearbox manufacturer . However, Nissan’s CVT gearbox does not seem to be stable, there are many car owners feedback whistle, slipping and other phenomena, and serious even spend thousands of dollars.

Summary: These three brands have a good manufacturing capability, and the choice of suppliers is also strive, so these brands Reliability is a little bit. As a consumer, we have to believe how good the quality of a brand is, it is better to work hard, good maintenance is the fundamental of the “prolonging life”.

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