Why flat tires safer, but do not recommend you use?

As the saying goes, ldquo; no good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap rdquo ;. Absolutely flat tires tire inside ldquo; good goods rdquo ;, not only because of your flat tires enough, or because it is more secure and reliable.

why more reliable and safer tires, but most owners do not recommend the use of it?

What is a flat tire

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flat tire also called ldquo;

flat tire rdquo ;, that is after the puncture or leak is still the normal driving period tire distance .

on conventional runflat tread have a corresponding identifier such as: ldquo; RSC, SSR, RFT, ZP, ROFrdquo; and the like.

Compared with a normal tire, run flat tires it is to enhance the difference between the thickness of the wall of the tire, attached valve strip and the high heat resistance of a synthetic rubber material.

When the flat tire puncture, since thicker sidewall has better toughness and supporting, so that cars will not suddenly out of control , can continue to travel a long distance, the driver enough to find the nearest tire shop at a speed of about 80km / h.

, especially on the highway, if the speed of 120km / h, the tire would reduce the number of explosion than the uncontrolled rate after normal tire puncture.

However, despite a flat tire, if the speed after exceeding 160km / h puncture runaway mortality occupants will approach 100 percentage. Therefore,

, no matter how good the tire, we are unable to carry high speed .

Since that flat tires are safer than regular tires, high speed out of control on a smaller probability, why it is not recommended, but is not recommended to replace the normal tire flat tire of it?

higher prices, less cash
we just search the Internet from big brand-flat tires can be found, the general price in 1000 dollars, this may be the price of an ordinary car four tires. For most car owners are not cost-effective, if punctures or damage, maintenance costs flat tires more than double the normal tire, and

most manufacturers do not recommend repair, but a direct replacement, that the cost is much higher .

In addition, if four or five cities or more remote areas, spot flat tires Geng Shibi less ordinary tire, which is eager for new replacement tires for owners trouble.

poor comfort, the requirements for suspension high

Today, consumers buying a car are seeking comfort. Comfort of the vehicle is also a great addition to the relationship with the suspension tuning and seat comfort related, and tires. Thick flat tire sidewall of greater hardness, greater tire noise only, and shock-absorbing effect is less than a normal tire, so most of the vibration transmitted to the road surface can not be directly suspended on the chassis and so comfortable

car normal tires relatively poorer .

And if you are the original models equipped with ordinary tires, replaced by flat tires, while intense driving suspension will increase beyond the original parameters tuned load, i.e. the original suspension would burden

, with long prone to rapid loss of suspension or even damaged.

has on the hub and arranged higher requirements

vehicle tires are the only thing touching the ground, so the relationship between the performance and safety of the vehicle and the tires greatly. If the original carIs configured as a normal tire, it is not too freely into the flat tire replacement, have the right wheels down. Because of the higher wheel design and strength requirements of the explosion of the tire, such as the specification for the wheel hub EH2-flat tires, a convex summit widened. After poor

hub mounting strength of flat tires, tires may be crushed to the inside of the hub, reducing its useful life .

In addition, it is because of flat tires after the leak still normal driving, generally inexperienced driver shortage is difficult to find gas. Thus,

is substantially flat tire equipped vehicle will be equipped with a tire pressure monitor . If no replacement vehicle tire pressure monitoring flat tires, even the need to always pay attention to tire pressure.

In summary,

despite flat tires safer and more reliable, but it simply is not practical for the average economy car is. not only poor comfort, high costs, and even flat tires have a more secure protection on the highway, but so long as the speed fast, as long as the focus driving within the speed limit, then the ordinary tire can basically guarantee the driver life safety.

Conversely, if the excessive speed of more than 160km / h speed, that is, run-flat tires will not save you. Thus, basically flat tires is to focus on handling the high-end performance car use, if you are a family car, driving, little violence, that is absolutely flat tires for you more harm than good.

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