Why have some of the car, “the two-speed”?

had to admit, in the trend of electrification and energy conservation, the topic of hardcore off-road vehicles are gradually reduced. Recently, however, Jiang brother to see a lot of people talking about an interesting phenomenon, may be able to re-arouse your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The phenomenon originated in the “two Dangba” Some hardcore off-road vehicles appear, we may come together under discussion.

Jeep Wrangler

As we all know, generally only the shift lever will be called Dangba, “two Dangba” which is a natural It refers to the transmission shift lever, but some of the curious little partner discovered that in some hardcore off-road vehicles, such as cash Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero Dangba center console has a similar shift lever.

but domestic hardcore (parameter | pictures) sport utility vehicle models representative – Harvard H9 (parameter | pictures), whether old or new models, only one common Dangba shift, but like Nissan Patrol (parameter | pictures), Mercedes-Benz G-class (parameter | pictures), the Lexus LX | Gangster (parameter picture) and other off-road sector are also no “two Dangba” . what on earth is this kind of happenings? The following Jiang brother and everyone will work together to talk.

1. Hand shift lever next to “Dangba” What is?

next to the shift lever hand that “Dangba” actually have a formal name, called the four-wheel drive transfer case lever operation. Split from the name, there are two concepts that we need to know.

four-wheel drive – the name implies, it is the four-wheel drive system for a driver to manually select between two drive and four-wheel drive, by the driver in accordance with road conditions, by turning on or off transfer case be varied two-wheel drive or four wheel drive mode.

The transfer case – simple to understand, the device power of the engine is to be dispensed, it can output power to the rear axle, or outputs the same to the front / rear axle . Similarly handle is used to shift the switching gear, the substance is used to transfer case drive mode switching.

That is, this role is played Dangba may switch to a different driving mode manually, in order to adapt to different road conditions. Let’s look at the Dangba identification, which is generally marked with the 2H, 4H, 4L, words such as N, N neutral gear i.e., needless to say, the operating principle is like with the manual transmission in gear.

When you hang 2H, this means that when rear-wheel drive vehicle in climbing, during acceleration will be more than usual strength, suitable for general roads and the use of high-speed, can both fuel economy.

When you hang 4H, this time the high-speed four-wheel drive means, rigidly connected to the vehicle longitudinal axis, the power distribution can be achieved before and after 50:50, typically sand, mud and the like using the road.

When you hang 4L, this means that when the low-speed four-wheel drive, and 4H patterns, is still working with four wheels, but it amplifies the torque (corresponding to the low gear transmission), more likely in extreme environments, such as giant boulders, deep snow and other professional off-road.

2. With a difference “Dangba” and did not bring “Dangba” of?

Like with this “Dangba” we mentioned above, i.e., the driver is required to completely rely on manual switching, also known as a mechanical four-wheel drive means, a device is most commonly used early and is still in persist in using this form of off-road vehicles, have we mentioned above Wrangler, Pajero, there are also domestic Beiqi Warriors BJ212 and representatives of these two models.

BJ212 (left) Warrior (right)

With the development of electrification, electric four-wheel drive switching device starts to be applied, as Nissan way up, Hover H5, BJ80 and so is the case, in fact, with a knob or button replaces the previous Dangba, four-wheel drive is the same as its basic principles and the manual switching, but all through the motors to switch Bale completed.

knob or button control

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this device is the four-wheel drive?

In general, there are two primary means four-wheel drive control mode, one is with Dangba, purely mechanical; Is another button or knob belonging to the electric control. The development of so many years, in addition to part of the steering mechanism electronically controlled operation, the four-wheel drive mechanical structure is almost unchanged, which is its reliability and durability of the prominent reasons, especially pure manual. Of course, the power of automation is the trend, it is estimated will gradually be eliminated in the future.

(four-wheel drive) Nissan way of

However, disadvantages are also evident four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive system is not equipped with such a center differential accelerator, which it can not use four-wheel drive system on a paved road. You know, while the role of the central differential is transmitting power, allowing front and rear wheels rotating at different speeds to ensure that the car can be smoothly turn in the four-wheel drive state.

(four-wheel drive) Toyota Prado

and the four-wheel drive without a center differential, if forced to use four-wheel drive mode will not only tire wear, but also damage the transmission mechanism, or even dangerous. So, we need to pay special attention while driving such a time-sharing four-wheel type: either 4H or 4L can not be driven on paved road, in a general way only linked to 2H.

4. Hover H9 Why not “Two Dangba”?

As mentioned earlier, why the same for the hardcore off-road vehicles Harvard H9 no “two Dangba” The reason is simple, that is its four-wheel drive four-wheel drive system does not belong to the category, and is timely four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive system that does not require the driver to manually switch, but by induction traffic computer, converted into four-wheel drive at the appropriate time, otherwise the two-wheel drive.

(AWD timely) Havel H9

It is different from the operating mode to manually select the two four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, large most car models are placed in separate button, printed with “lOCK lock” message, but there are some models is auto-sensing, autonomous control by the trip computer ECU, the owner can not interfere, for which a lot of people are also called ” electronic four-wheel drive. ”


5. Nissan Patrol’s “full-time four-wheel drive,” how was it?

In addition to timely four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, there is a common four-wheel drive system called “full-time four-wheel drive”, on behalf of models have tule, big G, Range Rover and so on, just as the literal meaning, full-time four-wheel drive vehicle representation at any time, all four wheels can move independently. This four-wheel drive system can guarantee a strong off-road performance, but also has good road handling.

(AWD) Nissan Patrol

Is there a kind of “set all of the director” feeling, but although its overall performance very strong, but because of structural complexity, high cost, fuel consumption is also on the generally more cost oil, generally found only on high-end models equipped. This four-wheel drive transfer case no Dangba, all operations performed by electronic control means, i.e., performed by a knob or button.

6 special presence: ultra-election Mitsubishi four-wheel drive system

wins in the four-wheel drive and durable, very convenient and timely four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive is more comprehensive, and in addition these three, there is a rather special present, it is the exclusive technology of Mitsubishi – ultra-election four-wheel drive system. Although we mentioned earlier Pajero four-wheel drive belonging to the category, but it is actually a more alternative exists.

(AWD superselective) Pajero

If you look at the splitter gear, the super four-wheel drive option is a common four-wheel drive system, but the four-wheel drive and the general difference is that it joined the central differential, allowing four-wheel drive vehicle in the paved road to the state of prolonged high-speed travel, thus avoiding improper run high-speed four-wheel drive and high-speed cornering embarrassing situation.

written in the last

In fact, no matter what kind of four-wheel drive system has its own advantages and disadvantages, and no ranking points, the most important is to look at what used models. After reading the above description, I believe we should know that “two Dangba” is how it’s going, if you have different opinions, comments welcome message discussed below.

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