Why is golf 8 not fragrant? Belief to collapse from this young person

I don’t know if you have found that from the eighth generation golf, there has been no other discussion in addition to the voices of the controversy. Even with golf gti, some people will use the exciting state to comment on foot.

Although the Shanghai Auto Show has passed a small day, but recalling a new car, the whole number of new cars may be this very red golf gti, this is quite a sense of emotion. Once the red hot chicken, there is no chance to be placed on the main stage of the public booth. This world …

A few years ago, the Golf gti’s totem-like model ushered in the exchange, the focus of everyone, the talker after the meal. At the auto show, it is necessary to make a lot of media will go up, beside it, take a group of original atlas, will not hesitate to take a ten-minute long team, sit in and carefully feel The breath of the small steel cannon (even if it is a small change).

Today is really different.

I can even at the auto show at the Shanghai Auto Show, sitting on this golf gti’s driver’s seat, not by the next media colleague.

Actually, not only GTI, thinking about the eighth generation golf of half a year, That is, FAW-Volkswagen is called “Digital Golf”, this new golf (below is high), which seems to be in the market.

Turning out sales data, since the replacement of November last year, the golf monthly sales basics Just in 5,000, although from absolute numbers, it is not possible to accept, but the last generation of golf 7 basically has no such low sales number, compared with themselves, golf is absolutely retreat. .

So, soul is torturedCome here: What happened to golf?

[123 ] “Digital” does not think?

[123 ] High 8 This pair model is difficult to become a classic, almost a recognized point of view of the world fans, and even some people say that the car is in front of it, there is no natural beauty, and it is like a Korean car. It is now in the car. There are many pots in the design field.

The official of the high 8 in the Chinese market seems to be destined from the beginning. unclear.

In November last year, FAW-Volkswagen made a car fans in the listing ceremony of the eighth generation golf, and the location is not like a traditional new car conference. It is in a serious venue, but in a country park. The players who have convened a large number of golf and even other car systems, but also invited the band to help out, very living, showing a good interactive relationship between the car.

This form of organizational form is completely no problem, I am even if I am not a loyal fan of golf, it is also very enjoyable to play a car atmosphere from golf.

However, in the past few days, it was revealed that this game about the high 8 listed The championship, the subject content seems to be focusing on the story, not the focus of the car itself.

It is true that golf has been a 48-year history, which is very well known in the world and walks into the car system in tens of millions of families. It is indeed a big story. This is its capital. But the organizer seems to have a fact that the new car is insufficient.


Locate “digital golf”, but is reflected in the “digital golf” to digitally can’t The things that measure, compared to the new forces of the water, the golf’s “number” doesn’t say that Xiao Wizhou is a big witch, and it even said that the little witch can’t talk.

Therefore, the digitization of “Digital Golf” is obviously not a dazzling label.

Then the actual use, driving experience, high 8 compared to Golf 7 has no quality changes, which is key. Even if the modular platform is upgraded from the MQB to MQB EVO, it has not left a perceived difference.

Dynamic system does not have overseas models Updated to the 1.5TSI EVO engine with a variable section turbine, how much sincere in the Chinese market is lacking.

It can be said, “Digital Golf “, I really don’t think it.”

[123 ] However, do golf not no opponent?

[123 ] Yes, we often say that golf is the mostThere is a car system with magic.

Whenever any angle look at golf, it is a flat-wondered hat, there is no personality, it seems that there is no ultimate pursuit. Moreover, compact hatchies have been proved more than once, and they cannot survive in the Chinese market.

But the golf is selling very well, especially in the Chinese market, when other similar areas When the hatchback is full of frowning, the golf is enjoyed by one or 20,000 sales accounts per month.

Peugeot, Ford, Mazda said: 308S The Fox hatchback and Mazda 3 hatches are just golf zero.

, “So” golf is not opponent “this statement It is fully in line with fact.

▲ Still insisting on the two-star Fox (on) and giving up struggle to run Two-in-band Mazda 3 (left), Peugeot 308S (Right)

In the case of no opponents, sales have fallen, except that the product itself is weak, perhaps there is a more important reason. :

Market capacity


In fact, the golf’s target group is mainly a slightly less older, and the positioning of the car is relatively moderate. The pricing of about 150,000 is not a lot of young people who have just been working. A great burden, the second product is balanced, and there is no obvious short board. On the other hand, golf is also a model that is more living and living. There are historical and cultural heritage, that is, feelings, there are many mature changes.Packing solutions and accessories.

Nowadays, today’s young people, the taste is full of diverse and drills The key is that the wallet is more drums than the previous young people. Many of the economic strength allowed, on the basis of golf, buy a larger car, or the same model of the luxury brand is better.

, for example, the teacher is in the same door

Audi A3

, the price after the discount is not outline, although we know that the A3 and Golf nature are very close to the model, most hardware is the same, but Deluxe brands will have its advantages in parts other than LOGO. At this time, golf may be more conservative for young consumers.

Therefore, the golf is actually from the past, becoming the present Some invisible opponents slowly squeezed its market space.

is the same as the golf gti. After 7.5 generations, golf gti began to show a decline, everyone didn’t play this small steel gun.

Of course, this is not right with the domestic gti ” “There is a certain relationship (actually for the real players, this is not bigger), but more mainly, more than 200,000 luxurious drops are more driving, the playability is not bad, there is Back drive, who is still playing?

This also reminds us that when different models analyze the market pattern ,priceThe gear and positioning are not the only standard, and their demand for their target groups may be the key to the target.

[123 ] Golf is no longer the “unique” of the public?

[123 I said that I have to move the old tube again: the public has only one car …

These ridicule, we will not go to the details, what we want to say is that golf has been really a very powerful The car is a Volkswagen

a car system for the most painstaking operation


With “golf” in the name, there is a hatchback, a mobile car, a convertible, cross-border car, a high-performance vehicle, and several forms of intersection models. Most of them have come to the Chinese market,

The most expensive

can be sold to 450,000.

, for example, this is based on the sixth generation

golf R convertible [ 123] The official guide price is 466,800 yuan, occasionally see this car on the road, the first reaction in my mind is: The first owner of this car is more stupid to buy this car. But after this first reaction, the heart is more in the admiration of it and its owner.

GOLF this name, can be Hold If you live 45,000, you can also hold a variety of different body forms.

, from the seventh generation Golf is not so rich, the most romantic convertible version is not, then the eighth generation of the present, it is estimated that it will continue to streamline the lineup, the body form may only have two-day and travel version.

Then there is a question that has a first chicken or the first egg: Is everyone not buy golf and its derivative version? Or is the public no longer pay attention to the car of Golf?


Write in the last


There are previously rumored, the eighth generation golf may be
last generation [123 ] Golf. It is quite like, the golf and Mercedes-Benz S level are still very like, the replacement models launched in the third ten years of the 21st century are guessing the end of their own departments as their respective car systems, but they are all controversial. Can’t make a classic.

Of course, we will absolutely do not desert them will not have next-generation models. However, if the two have a quite status of the car in the history of the automobile industry, they are now using the model, and there is no passive movie.

After all, the car is like a fan, I want to see the wonderful car world, I want to see the classic characters in the car world, you can always be youth.

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[ 123]

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