Why this year the Chinese New Year open VV5 home, there is not pressure children face?

➤ new three-year old for three years sewing for another three years, the former people’s consumption concept is to save the province. But the difference today, in the 21st century into the third decade, is no longer a consumer can make people make a decision after N days frown things.

pick up the phone, open a few common buy buy buy APP, shopping really becomes fingertips moment something can be done. Plus a variety of two-eleven, twelve double-double “egg”, just pick a business “auspicious”, calling them “Shopping Festival”, and consequently does not seem to buy is not a normal person, so that the courier burst warehouse, wallet dry. Now coincides with the New Year approaching, looking at the home store in the corner of the “spoils of war”, a few are usable, might as well save a favorite car to buy it! Both to facilitate their travel, improve the quality of life, but also in the home reunion, to see friends and family envious eyes.

Of course, although we recommend buying a car, but also within our capabilities, identify the timing of the shot. Now the Spring Festival peak period car, many car brand will launch policies to stimulate consumption, it is definitely a good time, but we as consumers, but also need to keep their eyes open, in front of hype car policy need to be carefully decide what is really save real money for themselves, which is only presented mats, foil these “floating on the surface” policy.

Therefore, an ideal car policy, or monetary policy, is able to really ease consumers on a tight budget, and maximize ease the financial burden after buying the car might bring.

children’s shoes you might ask, now is not good overall auto market environment, as well as the brand will do it? Of course there are, but also a treasure brand.

as favored by young people independent luxury SUV brand, WEY has been technology-driven, user-centric, not only in the design of intelligent technology research and development, the trend of avant-garde and so many achievements, but the key lies in the interaction between the user and service, always walk in their own brand of leadership.

since December 20, WEY brand launched exciting financial incentives. I believe that after you read the five major gifts, will certainly be impulsive.

First, the replacementLi – the replacement of old vehicles up to 11,000 yuan enjoy substitution subsidies. I do not know that dust-laden years old Otto can show his worth in this it?

Second, financial gift – WEY buy now enjoy the highest credit limit of $ 150,000, there are 24 interest-free policy, this time can actually speed up the heartbeat.

Third, the flow gift – money to buy 2020 models WEY can enjoy car networking foundation serving a life free privileges, as well as entertainment services for 3 years and enjoy free service for 1 year free!

Fourth, the warranty ceremony –WEY all models have a 5-year 150,000 km long warranty, which is quite kind ah. Not only that, WEY also offers engine and gearbox lifetime warranty service, the official opinion of the reliability of the product is quite confident, especially their self-developed gearbox is full of confidence.

Fifth, the mysterious Chinese New Year spree – now officially have not exposed the mysteries, it is estimated that after the package will let you add a layer to mention car New Year’s celebration and happiness.

If you are buying a VV5 models, specifically there are “big three”: Pioneer interest-free gift – up to 36 zero interest rate policies, but also to pioneer and pioneer enjoy quality traffic ceremony ceremony. Purchase and long-term benefits are in place, see here, it is not that just do not buy it missed the billions?

As can be seen from WEY the entire financial policy, VV5 in its efforts to push a model. Based on current car terminal and financial policies, models 2020 VV5 chances are it could really be a dark horse car Spring Festival season. WEY the past few years has gradually consolidate its Chinese luxury SUV brand position, VV5 either create or manipulate the level of excellence on the luxurious texture, it has also been recognized by the market.

driving such an integration, “Yan and wisdom” of the SUV home for the holiday, I must make the home of neighbors to cast envious eyes.

“young WEY, Yan Chi pioneer”, which is WEY VV5 official online advertisements. Chi Yan word clear and concise positioning of the characteristics of this car. 125,800 starting price (There are now at least 5,000 yuan terminal concessions), so many young people in front of it completely lost resistance.

in the past always feel that we Chinese brand SUV looked not on the grade, not a patchwork plagiarism is, indeed, can not find any decent quality. VV5 can be quite particular about the design, attention to detail and elements of craftsmanship, make the car extremely eye-catching.

This structure of the interior of the headlamp using the LED lamp with three vertical designed daytime running lights, and the pin-shaped center-feed logo in the grille echoing taillights composed of the same elements, not only recognizable, very dazzling. Application of this iconic elements can greatly enhance the brand appeal, anyone with a history of luxury brands, have their own set of signature elements.

In addition to the fine details, the body proportions VV5 grasp just right, not bloated, full of dynamic, giving a very strong feeling. Looked specially configured rim size VV5 entire system is started 18 inch, rather big tension body coupled with the rim, indeed outstanding visual effect.

drove the car home for the holiday, time to neighbors will be attracted to its high color value, they have come to the onlookers. At that time you open the door then, VV5 cabin is expected to bring them intently.

VV5 vehicle interior design is still based on simple atmospheric style, tone, well-organized arrangement of the various functional areas, coupled with ambient lighting embellishment, rich but not messy, colorful but not noisy.

probably the two most attractive 12.3 inches large screen on the dashboard and the controls. VV5 dashboards big screen provided by the internationally renowned supplier Bosch, not only the interface information integrity and durability guaranteed, its screen switching, the reaction rate can point Like, there are several different themes skin styles to choose from, personality of also doing relatively in place.

and inThe large screen is controlled by another internationally renowned supplier Continental, host-based Android 8.0 multimedia system development, congenital took highly scalable, and can be preloaded with a variety of custom installation APP, the phone also supports wired, wireless voted screen functionality, functionality can be quite powerful, convenient and safe, when driving with the phone can temporarily say goodbye.

If the seven Regardless of eight aunt looked VV5, would certainly say that this car advanced, incidentally, another praise you look good, know what’s what!

for you home high probability scenario encounter, we have been a driving experience and make full homework for you, when you can folks in the village and seven Regardless of eight aunt, or childhood grew up with in front of a small partner, actor (zhuang) ya (bi) introduces severe between this car.

start teaching

Little Red: “The ACC is not what Hao Shi??”

Xiao Ming: “ACC can Haoshi I tell you ah, ACC but run high-speed artifact. “

Little red:”! like the internet, said, meal operate fierce as a tiger, and instantly soared to a two hundred and fifty. “

Bob?: “Who told you to go ~ risen to 250, and speeding is illegal, two hundred and fifty have 12 points deducted! this ACC ah, Chinese name is called adaptive cruise, as the name suggests, it can auto-cruise function is implemented according to road conditions. for example, ah, this High-speed speed 120km / h, you put the target speed is set to 120km / h, not in front of the car when it would be to 120km h speed / running, the current face appeared slow, and it will automatically put the speed down, keep a distance from the vehicle in front. “

red:.” ooh, ah liberation feet, good things, bad. “

Xiao Ming:”! VV5 this ACC bright spot is that it’s available speed range is 0-150km / h, which means that it covers all the legal speed value of China’s highway, if the car in front stopped, VV5 will follow to stop, not Some cars, speed reduced to a certain extent after the driver had to take over. “

red:”. WEY can ah, high profile are doing more comprehensive than other stores. “


Bob: “This is not all, there Vv5 FCW AEB and two configuration .FCW collision warning system, it will according to the vehicle speed, vehicle speed and distance to determine the relative is it safe, if the distance between vehicles is too small, it will alert the driver. the AEB is the automatic braking system when the vehicle in front of an emergency, it will first be made to alert the driver if the driver does not brake to measures, the system will automatically brake intervention, as far as possible to avoid a collision or reduce collision efforts, “

red:.” in other words, they are usually able to correct some bad driving habits, people keep safe distance between vehicles driving awareness. “

Xiao Ming:”?! Yes, in fact, the majority of traffic accidents are caused by too close with the car, remember to keep the distance between vehicles is more important than speed. “

Little red: “this MOD is Zuosha Zi used?”

Xiao Ming: “Kan Ma, the Chinese name is called MOD slow moving object monitoring, it played a role in some of the main field of vision it is not very good side streets around the vehicle and able to detect People can avoid being around the vehicle does not notice the little animal, pedestrian accidents the driver to start the vehicle, such as our home, the town traffic environment is more complex, this time the MOD will be able to play a role, as long as the speed limit , pay attention to what’s not afraid to hit people. “

red:.” Yes, ah, Chinese Lunar New Year, kids fooling around in the street is difficult to avoid, or plus much more attention, he said. everyone says to buy a car have to look at the engine gearbox, the car of your engine, how the gearbox. “

Xiao Ming:”? you say this point on, my VV5 powered by a 1.5T four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the application of 350Bar fuel injection pressure, combustion optimization using second-generation CVVL institutions, not only have a maximum power output of 126kW, also in line with six national emission standards, fuel consumption, I also measured through a hundred kilometers about 8.5L, for such a big man who can really “

red:.” that sounds like a good machine ah, that gearbox it. “


Bob: “transmission even value Commendable, thisIs an international team of experts from the Great Wall company independent research and development of wet dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, also made the first 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, among the leading level in the industry. You see this electronic Dangba, modeling is a unique style of it. “

Little Red:” This Dangba really nice, but I’ve heard a lot of big brands are sourcing gearbox ah, VV5 own R & D is the gearbox, really fly? “

Xiao Ming:” You can rest assured that, although the industry specializing in surgery, but every brand of gearbox requirements are different. WEY independent research and development gearbox, indicating that they have mastered the technology of transmission, and the development of their own out of the gearbox, and will definitely do targeted research and development according to the needs of their own products, compared to procuring gearbox, matching will better. You see, Mercedes-Benz has been using its own research and development of the transmission is not it? “

Xiao Ming:” You say this really is reasonable ah, not to mention really, really, you know! “

this time, you just mouth slightly hint of a smile, gracefully invite them to get on just fine.

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