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Will be available in two power versions! Teng potential X will be listed on the Guangzhou Auto Show!

the beginning of June this year, the opening of the 2019 deep Hong Kong and Macao Auto Show, Teng potential Motors officially announced its new concept car Concept X, and now, four months later, Teng potential car official in has released its production models – Teng potential X of the official figure, take a preview.

[123 ] appearance, exposed from the official point of view of FIG, Teng potential new energy vehicles wherein X is obvious, for example employing a closed conventional grid new energy vehicles. In addition, it uses a more rounded and smooth lines sketched out the full sense of the body, and its body is also more or less “sticking” with the concept car design elements, such as through-style headlights and so on.

[ 123] body size, Teng X is the potential length and breadth were 4890/1950 / 1725mm, 2820mm wheelbase, locating 7 Medium SUV.

[123 ] power, it will introduce a pure electric version and a plug-in hybrid version of the two dynamic models for consumers to choose from, pure electric version of the model will be equipped with a maximum power of 245 hp drive motor. The plug-in hybrid version of the model will be equipped with a maximum power of 192 horsepower 2.0T engine. Meanwhile, the car will be equipped with maximum power of 150 horsepower and 245 horsepower two permanent magnet synchronous motor driving (front / rear) of. It is reported that Pobai time within 5 seconds, while the pure electric version or NEDC overall mileage will reach 500 km.

reported that the 2019 car will be officially listed on the Guangzhou Auto Show, scheduled for early 2020 and officially delivered, let us wait and see ……

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