Winter hits, the winter car remembers “four do not”

In 2021, the first cold wave warning continues to take effect

Multi-ground cooling up to 10 ° C

Nearly 90% of the country in LDQUO; shouting rdquo ;!

The temperature of the temperature drops, tells us that the days of frozen the dog in winter have arrived. Many people have replaced a thick down jacket, but I don’t know how to be in winter. The car is protecting, telling you the ldquo of the winter car; four do not rDQUO;

Don’t get on the green air

winter There are very cold outside the car. Some owners enter the car to get up as soon as possible. Just playing the car to maximize the heaters.

Because winter car warm air is to use the heat of the engine for ldquo; waste uses RDQUO; When the winter vehicle just started, the engine temperature did not rise. At this time, the opening will not only have a warm air, but also increase the load of the engine heating.

The correct approach is

. After getting on the bus, turn off the air conditioning warm air, the vehicle is driving a distance and the engine temperature is raised, and the warm air is turned on and does not have to open to the maximum gear. When the water temperature completely reaches normal temperatures (about 90 degrees), the warm air is arbitrarily controlled.

This is the fastest way to get warm air. However,

If there is a seat heating and steering wheel heating, you can get the heating function on the bus, Because these are not dependent on the heat of the engine.

Don’t take a long time hot car

Some owners It is too cold in winter. After starting the vehicle, it will be better than the hot car, and the time is several times more than the time of the hot car. I don’t know such a hot car is also wrong. After the car is parked in winter, the engine oil and gearbox oil will return to the bottom, and the hot car is forLet the oil can be ldquo; move up RDQUO; rather than direct ldquo; hot up RDQUO;

Long-term idle speed will not only cause insufficient engine combustion, but it is easy to generate carbon, but the temperature rise of oil and transmission oil is also very slow.

The correct practice is

After the cold start

idle speed hot car

30 seconds , the engine speed is slightly lowered and smooth , In front of the push to drive for about three minutes. At this time, the engine oil and transmission oil will enter the working state, and gradually warmed, which is much better than the original ground. Therefore, the winter in winter is too long, and it will not play a good role in the car.

Glass water does not make winter temperature decreases The speed is very fast, it may cool the temperature overnight. Most of the glass water of the car is free, ordinary summer glass water is 0 degrees, and the winter is also a glass water of -20 degrees and -40 degrees.

Everyone should replace and add appropriate glass water in advance according to the lowest temperature in the area.

If the winter glass is replaced in time, you may freeze your line and the glass kettle overnight, which is severely freezing the glass kettle, because there is no need to change the glass in advance, it is not worth it.

Further, after using glass water in winter, must add and previously frozen glass water. If the weather is getting colder and colder, it will be fill the glass water of -40 degrees, and then add 0 degrees of glass water. After mixing, it is not as simple as the -20 degree glass water, do not because of the low-low glass water I have a few dollars, but because of the small loss.

glass water nozzles, do not continue to start

[123 ] Pipelines that freeze the sprinkler or glass water during winter often occur. When you move the glass water button,

encountered no water onlyThere is a sound of the motor rotation, this situation is to be determined to be freezing, or the glass is frozen.

If the pipeline or pot of glass is frozen, it is necessary to melt. If it is water jet, you can clean it with a fine needle. But no matter which case, when you turn the wiper spray rod, if you do not leave water, it has always been a motor slamming, and the rotating lever is immediately stopped. Because

long-term twist buttons and no water, it is easy to burn the motor

, and the replacement cost of the motor is not low.

The correct approach is

, try to clean the windshield before starting the vehicle, there is enough to see the road to see the road, the vehicle is driving a distance After the hot car, try spraying glass water. At this time, the test fluctuation button is two seconds. If it does not leave water, release it immediately. This operation tries to try 2-3 times. If there is still no glass water spray, wait another distance to try again until it is sprayed with glass. There is difficult in winter, and the winter is more difficult. The cold winter has brought a lot of not convenient, but the car should not relax. The above LDQUO; four do not rDQUO; remind you to the majority of car owners, I wish you all the best in winter and smooth.

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