With Mercedes-Benz power, the wheelbase super CR-V, the new hacker can eat Honda “two major sales crowns”?

For the hacker, there is a great highlight, and of course it is difficult to find unsatisfactory disadvantages. However, this is a flat-unmortical model, although the update has been more “slow”, since the introduction of domestic 2008, the monthly sales broke through the month, and the accumulated sales broke through millions of people, it was bored. A model of weakness.

However, today’s auto market, competition is quite fierce. Want to stay competitive and must keep up with the times. This is not, recently, Nissan officially issued a new generation of hacker official map. It is reported that the new car will take the lead in listed in the European market, and it is expected to introduce domestic.

From the current exposure information, the replacement of Nissan hacker is completely on the listing of backing. For the front face, the new hacker still uses the Nissan iconic V-type forward gas grill, and the size becomes larger and more offensive.

The most eye-catching is that the new split headlights are replaced on both sides, which is particularly unique. The elongated lamp strips above are the daytime running lights, and the next is the matrix LED far and near the light group. Looking far, it is very similar to the eyes of the double eyelid.

The side part of the vehicle, the new generation of hackers, the past, the conventional dollar, and used a more fierce line design. The through-type waistline enhances the strength of the car. The irregular line below the door is to improve the hard feeling of the model, and after the five-wire wheel of the upper petals, the exercise is full.

In order to continue to implement the “large bullying” product strategy, Nissan continues to upgrade the size of the hacker, among which long / width / Highly increased by 35/32 / 25mm, and the wheelbase is longer 20mm (more current). Although the increase is not large, but in fact, its size can already hang the same joint venture small SUV. In terms of the wheelbase, it reaches 2666mm, which exceeds the size of Honda CR-V.

Tail stylingFor the front face, the side is slightly placed, and the shadow of some cash models can be seen. The large size of the silver trim is surrounded by large sizes, the area is larger than the cash, and the visual is more fieldless; the exhaust is to continue to use low-key hidden layout.

Interior, texture and technology sense is the subject. Therefore, Nissan has a 12.3-inch digital LCD instrument panel and a 9-inch suspension center control screen to enhance the scientific skills; use a leather seat and wood grain panel with a rhombic suture to enhance the grade. Overall looks more simple, and the plastic feeling of the cash type, the cheap sense, is obviously swept.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of suspension, the new hacker in the overseas version will continue to follow the set of cash types, only four The drive version is equipped with a multi-link, and the other models still use the torque beam “plate”. Low with a torque beam, high with a multi-link, such operations are actually cost-effective. However, considering that Nissan is deeply versed in the needs of the people, and the new generation of hackers introduced in the introduction of domestic products. The probability will also be the same as the cash.

In terms of power, a new generation of Nissan hackers will use the microcarcies of 1.3T gasoline engine and 12V motor, and provide 2 different adjustment, maximum horsepower 140 horsepower And 157, the transmission will match the manual or CVT stepless gearbox, and the high-equipped model provides a four-wheel drive system. It should be noted that this 1.3T engine has been equipped on the current overseas model, but the domestic model does not have synchronous update (2.0L + CVT power combination), and now the replacement model has increased the microcarcies.

It is worth mentioning that this 1.3T is not a three-cylinder engine in everyone’s imagination, but the four-cylinder machine developed by Nissan and Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz A, GLA, GLB and other models.

Furthermore, a new generation of hackers will also carry the E-POWER hybrid system of Nissan, which is launched by 1.5L.Machine + motor composition, the maximum power is 190 horsepower, wherein the engine is mainly used as a generator, providing energy for the motor and battery, and drives the front wheel (incremental mixing) by the motor. Simply purely from data, the dynamic performance of the E-POWER mixing system can actually have a fight with Honda CR-V.

To know that the pre-hacker has always used a misplaced competition, and the small SUV such as Honda / XR-V is PK. Now in replacement, while changing face, the new generation of hackers also increases the size and strengthening the power. This is a look that a pair is to return to the mainstream joint venture compact SUV market. Originally Bangxiang / XR-V is within the hospitable attack, now CR-V is also aimed, it seems that the new hacker is to eat the two major sales of Honda.

However, the two major places of Honda are not unregistered. On the same day of hacker, Honda also released a new generation Honda Vezel (domestic model XR-V / Bang). The appearance of the car, the interior also has made significant adjustments, single-view design, it is completely two things. Although the specific body size has not been announced, it considers the wind, its body should increase. In addition, the new Vezel also provides fuel and mixed versions, and it may also be introduced in China.

As for this field CR-V, the 2020 joint venture SUV is sold at a score of 2430,37, and it is more unfortunate. . Although the new generation of hackers are close to CR-V on the wheelbase, but from the size and space of the vehicle, hackers will have a certain gap with Cr-V. Moreover, in the Nissan SUV family, Qijun is a real opponent in Cr-V. However, the hacker misplaced competition, perhaps a part of the consumers who have not high space requirements, limited budget and want to buy compact SUV.

Therefore, if a new generation hacker really wants to eat the two major sales of Honda,Perhaps, in addition to improving the product power, you need to do it in price and configuration, such as low price of low-cost beams, low price, pressing XR-V; medium and high models, increase configuration, improve cost performance, competition Low-mounted CR-V. Of course, no matter whether the final wins is or not, its appearance is a gospel for consumers who want to buy a joint venture SUV. Welcome to “the” car domain “, leave a message below, share your views on the new generation of hackers.

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