Worried that buying a car is very difficult? Learn these three points, Meng newly buy cars can also easily take off

After the driver’s license, the most exciting thing is to buy a car. However, when various models, the scientific and technological configuration appears in front of you, the new people will always be confused. What car is best for practicing? Must, let’s use the new car feeling in the new hand to the starting point to screen. After all, the core of the car is driving.

From the cultivation of the car, the first car of the novice can’t be too large. Second motivation is abundant and reliable, starting and overtaking should be handy. Then, the vehicle turns radius is small, the head and parking are best in place. Finally, smart driving assistance must be equipped. Combine these three needs, today I will recommend a selling price of about 200,000 yuan, especially suitable for novice drivers, the new 4008 360thp Science and Technology.

Why will I recommend a new 4008? It is mainly because it is very friendly in the homogeneous compact SUV, and it is very reasonable to sell the novice driver, and the price is very reasonable. It is more important that this car is easy to use, well, has a unique legal style, fast Help you cultivate your car and let you fall in love with driving.

Preferences 1: Powerful, no concerns

After the truly road, Meng new people need to be more sensitive. When driving, the vehicle response is fast, whether it is dragging. When overtaking, the vehicle power cannot be followed. When high speed is self-driving, the power system is inevitable, and all of these are critical.

The new 4008 360THP technology version of the power system has a big head, 1.6T turbocharged engine has won the “Ward International Engine Award” for 8 consecutive years, in technology, performance, On the hard comprehensive indicators such as noise, smoothness, 74 industry experts from 35 countries and regions around the world, and this engine is also developing with BMW. Comprehensive, whether it is its own quality, still influential, and is far away. The non-deployed engine is comparable.

On the power output,The maximum output power of the new 4008 is 125kW, the maximum torque reaches 250 nmIddot; M, which matches the Japanese Australian 8AT gearbox, has 8 automatic gear, and there are three high-speed cruise files, which can make the engine efficient work. The interval is more refined. Moreover, A letter This 8AT gearbox is called a flagship gearbox in the heart of the car, compared to most models of the current DCT dual clutch and CVT gearbox, comfortable, fuel economy, reliability Aspects have this significant advantage. At the same time, the new 4008 is also a small number of compact joint venture SUV models that configure A letter 8at. If there is this stronger preference for power, the new 4008 technology version also provides a 1.8T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power is 155kW, the maximum torque reaches 300 nmIDDOTT; M, the power output is comparable to many 2.0T engines.

Preferences 2: Turn flexible, no sings

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After the driver’s license, there will be some troubles in daily turn, turn around, and stop. This is because many models have “bullying (unfriendly novice). For example, some cars are not strong when they turn, and the steering wheel has already played, but the movement of the body is either too big and scary. Either too small, can’t turn it. For example, when turning out, the turn radius of the vehicle is too large, often can’t be taken, need to come back to toss a few times, instantly become the most embarrassing in the road.

For Mengxin drivers, the control characteristics of Peugeot 4008 are not “bullying”. On the friendliness, 4008 has a small turn radio and has achieved a minimum of 5.3 meters. When you turn around, if your opposite is two lanes, you can have a chic. In the parking, because the turn radius is small, it is in reverse, the turn of the car is very large, and the width of the reversing angle is high, even if some of the parking spaces of the drill, can also rely on the “car tail” big Move, stop.

Turning flexible place is to help cultivate the vehicle feel. Many times, we will ignore itsimportance. However, from the actual departure, the road across the road is the curve. Flexible and accurate turn performance allows us to have more confidently confidently. For example, at high speed, when it is malicious, accurate turning performance, allows us to respond more in time. At the onsert of the weekend, we will always encounter continuous upside down wads, and the flexible turn can make us pay more easily.

In general, good turn performance will make you feel more about the car, you will easily establish a parallel car, reversing car, corner car , As well as knowing its most comfortable driving range, once you have these car feelings, you will not be a straight newcomer, the car can turn into your curve lover.

Preferences 3: Smart Driving, Active Safety


Rapid to build a car, which will make driving more attention. But the auto feel is not universal, and technology is equally important. Entering the smart car era, a variety of high-tech smart driving configurations will make it more lazy and more secure. In the long-distance travel of small holiday, ACC adaptive cruise can drive automatic cruise in accordance with the set speed. The front collision warning is more in the case of sudden orientation, automatically helps the vehicle to achieve emergency brakes to avoid accidents.

The new 4008 is also a no-negative partner in intelligent driving. It is equipped with the ACC adaptive cruise to be more smart, support the extremely broad speed range setting, after setting it, can automatically follow the front car to achieve the slowing down, on the scope of the follow-up, also refined to the far, medium, near Three levels, thereby liberating the right foot to avoid long-distance driving of the neck pain.

More intimate is that the new 4008 also has an emergency artifact for novices. For the newcomers who just upline, it is inevitable that they will be nervous, there is a lane deviation, and the line and other behaviors. The lane deviation assisted can automatically monitor unconscious running conditions and correct the greeque. Matching the active blind spot monitoring, you can provide guardianship in a parallel, any rear vehicle in the blind area does not escape its monitoring, and on the rear viewGive an active warning to avoid the rear-end and 剐 剐 caused by blindness, and ensure the safety of the occupants in the vehicle.

It can be said that both power reserves, curve driving, or intelligence Driving assistant, Dongfeng Peugeot brand new 4008 can not “bully” treatment. The minimum turn radius and corner driving control of the same level, becoming the largest flash point in SUV increasingly homogeneous development, will help to cultivate the car for the newcomer, and the car is precisely the newcomer first round. Therefore, we choose Dongfeng Peugeot’s new 4008 to one of the most suitable newcomers.

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