Wuhan Hengxin Zhongda Maserati Parent-child Carnival ended successfully

On the afternoon of June 6, 2021, Wuhan Hengxin Zhongda Maserati took the theme of “child’s heart and unbound, color”, opened Maserati and unbounded parent-child carnival activities. The multi-parent-child interactive experience link, let the family experience a warmth time between parent-child.

In the event site, Wuhan Hengxin is in Maserati, so that each group of parent-child families can not only learn the safety of the owner’s safety, and the experience is colorful. The parent-child painting world of the boundaries can also participate in the DIY flowers experience of parent-child mutual assistance. Rich activities, the free choice of parent-child families, let each group of participating families can experience Different Parent-child fun activities of Maserati.

vivid traffic knowledge small lecture hall, passed Fun animated small video, interact with the on-site children!

This time, Wuhan Hengxin is also invited to Wuhan Tourin art education institutions, to the store for the live parent-child family through the story of Mondean’s “Red Rock” The composition “tells the different art philosophy and inspires everyone’s unlimited thinking.

Active site, children directly use colorful pigments in Maserati GHIBLI (parameter 丨 picture) body Bold painted, cute and interesting line patterns, instantly let GHIBLI’s body unique art.

At the same time, the scene was also prepared for the children to be Maserati’s commemorative gift, which is the Maserati car in your eyes. Every child uses hand. Pigments, on the spot, Maserati gypsum model car, painted their unique magic Maserati car in their eyes.

With DadCaring for safety cars, children like the fun, so the event is on the scene, and there are also the flower of the mothers, all kinds of flowers, all kinds of paintings together, have become a beautiful and unique small flower basket work.

In this event, the form of interacting with home parenting, making each parent temporarily They all put down all the harassments and trivial things and their own children to see the world with the simplest and most innocent perspective.

Wuhan Hengxin I hope to pass this kind of parent-child interaction, so that more parents and children can Experience the brand temperature belonging to Maserati, can spend more flash interesting parent-child happy time with Maserati.

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