X6 not talk with vision control, home to chat

➤ “Our pressure is really great,” a Geely house engineers rut ​​with king repeated several times this sentence. .

that time we are sitting in the back of the new vision of the X6, noise level carriages and 200 000 joint venture SUV, fairly, without ears, screaming speak.

The present compact SUV that pricing is maintained at the start 8,9 Wan, less than 70,000 results starting at the top with only 100,000.

“This car is the subject of XXXX, as long as the discount 5,6 million, our pressure is really great, there is no profit.”

The engineer frank, vision X6 surface for a four-tier cities of consumers, this group of people is very high demand for the car, want to spend a penny to do something ten dollars.

In addition to this level plethora of choice, let alone outside, inside there are overlapping competition, in order to win the sales battle, they do only small profits.

If I were living in a four-tier cities of consumers, only heard a few joint ventures and domestic brands, holding 10 million dollars, or 100,000 is not ready to buy a car loan, requirements for a car is a home first, no major problems, post maintenance is cheap, want 300 dollars a tank of fuel to run a 600 km.

then the 2020 standards under the vision X6 can do?

For all home

First, from the appearance of speaking, enough.

before the face using consistent fret grille, headlights eagle with X-type bumper spirit appears, in line with people’s aesthetic, with atmospheric, moderation to describe not be overstated.

vision X6 targeted goal is clear – a second-tier non younger consumers do not like the Icon so radical, the most important is that people feel clean and comfortable, of course, can not seem plunges.

The biggest change in the rear car, a vertical stripe cancel taillights, particularly windows and flat plate angle, much like a whole MPV Ka occasion, while the floating roof reduce the heavy sense of the SUV.

However, such a long one column D, Particularly American full-size SUV both visual sense. This model ensures ample rear, the trunk space enough to comfortably accommodate all the family members and drop luggage.

I do not care elongated lines incongruous, passengers just sat just above the rear wheel, as long as the family sit happily, not packed too uncomfortable is a good car.

Based on such demands, 174 tall sitting flat rear floor, even rather long seat, backrest angle stretch, there is still fists away legs, head Ministry is more than spacious.

with the panoramic sunroof, the front row of no use for this thing, but on the back significantly increases the sense of space, this sitting position but old father, mother, and wife’s mother.

have 1850L trunk as much as visual vehicles put children’s BMX is not a problem. Unique short platform plate is high, is not very convenient to put things; the first force required to open the tailgate point, it can make up the hydraulic lever.

Interior follow the same design family lucky, the upgrade from the control panel 9-inch 10.25 inch embedded suspension, there are car GKUI joint systems, voice control, high moral navigation, tachograph, etc., has become under the piano keys, sense than the previous generation there are a lot of upgrading.

this dense top button electronic parking brake, automatic parking, 360deg; 3D video, tire pressure monitoring, full speed ACC adaptive cruise, car networking and security configuration stage the people most in need, the others are With.

heap so much configuration, the price is actually cheaper than the old, and even engineers say there is considered to add two main driving seat memory, just put the cost of this, fear is the product manager to lift the table.

Moreover, the entire vehicle as many as 32 storage compartments, front Dangba also dug up a recess, the coins are now small key, the cup has a large seating position.

In the final analysis, vision X6 purely domestic orientation, so you probably have guessed, X6 open up what it feels like.

For all home

is still the prospect X6 is equipped with 1.4T engine, code-named from JLB-4G14T become JLB-4G14TB. Consistent use of both the low inertia of the turbocharger, by reducing the weight of the turbine blades, to achieve the effect of reducing turbo lag. Output

4G14T is 133 horsepower and 215 Nm, 4G14TB was satisfied in the case of six emitters, to improve data to 141 horsepower and 235 Nm.

Although both analog 8-speed gearbox the CVT, but it is no longer a new Belgian Bunge, instead of domestic Miles Young, did not expect that, before the pair of matching 1.4T Miles Young and far more than Bunche.

old feels too modest, original data of the engine is very beautiful, close to the same period of public low power 1.4T, the actual dynamic response is not rapid, cover your nose and mouth were like, boring live.

The new transmission has been maintained at the rotational speed of about 1800 rpm, 1600 rpm initially peak torque output point, even if the shift operation after the step down resolutely to mention, the route is still linear, but finally run get up.

before my assessment of the old vision X6 is accelerated to overtake the best cut manual mode, and now the problem is solved, a lot less unnecessary dry engine roar.

Anyway, this power with a manual transmission, a cure-all, what lack of power, even down to second gear to push back a sense have, say there really provide a manual test drive the car the better , which is responsible for the amount of walking models.

First, consumers face the prospect X6 is very sensitive to price, should also wear a thousand dollars more than taking a half-day, no kidding, this may be half a month of their income.

manual noble type CVT Luxury cheaper than 5000 dollars, a good start and a strong and fuel efficient, there is no reason not selling it.

then there is no congestion in a four-tier cities to second-line, no pressure to open a manual transmission, automatic transmission provides more than just a convenient option, as the shift fast enough, consumers do not really care.

In short, the vision of the birth of the X6 is to serve the home, buy a few people brought intense driving, as long asBrisk start, said the good opening hand and ran to get 100KM / H on the line.

By the way, the car is 100 km combined fuel consumption of 6.2L, No. 92 oil price is now six four, equivalent to less than four cents per kilometer, too hard to open at least 300 dollars 700 km endurance.

or for all household

control, we can say no.

Even if a multi-link independent rear suspension, a soft vehicle ride is only one word, gently rise phenomenon has started, the absence of any support.

sit up on the same boat and threw, comes decompression effect, do not want to lie to a seat other things. Therefore, action must be gentle vision of the X6, or thrown to the phone flying, passengers can not wait to open the door to get off.

steering is also particularly light, a finger can rotate, in line with most people’s definition of a good opening, do not require too much effort in the city turn, stop, turn around.

In addition compared to the old, the new car’s chassis to reduce the sense of weak before, become markedly thick, spread to the interior of a small shock filter a lot less, over non-paved road no longer look at the points.

in the home of absolute power, control, subtle steering, the driver becomes natural seeding, split bends, rapid acceleration immature thoughts are behind.

just now cornering brake in the end, slowly turn over the direction of play, met a super slow is not, honestly stay in their own lane, its own driving too cool, as families sit at ease.

from point A to point B does not need to fast, and more fun, in a quiet and comfortable cabin, the whole family relaxing chatting family gossip, this is the car life to bring them the greatest pleasure.

Indeed, the target consumers of the car scene is very simple, happily go to work every day, come home safely, what fans want to yell day of powerful, precise control, easy to drive a car easy to use can be.

stand in this perspective, vision X6 definitely meet the criteria of a good car.

If the three or four lines of consumer I, one day walked into the 4S shop Geely, opened the door and saw the big screen and leather seats, Sit back row there is so much space and a panoramic sunroof, a little heart is not false.

the amount of walking and ascribed no conflict

of course does not rule out there are users that vision X6 is just old wine in new bottles, should have been eliminated. The more Pro Geely do it, and the more helter-skelter these cars on the line, no need to self-ascribed way out worth.

Indeed, all independent brands are finished, or really no profit, but finished well-known circle, does not mean that consumers know, is limited by the brand, they still recognize price.

but the brand strength to complete a qualitative change only one way to go, then take the amount is constantly grounded to take the amount of gas, which has accumulated reputation. With a good reputation, people are willing to pay to buy it when it is high-priced, high positioning models.

so the four-tier cities is its own brand of vital importance, not to mention seven years to sell 580,000 of vision X6, Dorsett Regency GL and even all of them have It is a heavy responsibility.

face a second-tier cities, Geely also has the more helter-skelter, the more Bo Pro, the more stars, such as Brilliant choice, once these consumer acceptance, we heard big cities people are open Geely, but also It helps to speed up the process finished.

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